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Mood swings during pregnancy? Find out how to cope with them

Pregnancy is a beautiful yet difficult time. Annoying during these few months is undoubtedly the mood swings. From a sudden attack of laughter you can fall into a real despair. How to cope with it?

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Mood swings during pregnancy are very common. How to deal with them so as not to tire your loved ones? We suggest which ways are the best

Pregnant women often have changeable moods. They can momentarily go from great euphoria to crying, screaming and anger. And they often don’t fully know why this is happening and why it is so difficult for them to control their emotions.

Some believe that the so-called pregnancy moods are an invention. As it turns out, scientific research proves that it is not so. Fluctuating emotions are the result of a hormonal storm that occurs in the body of a woman together with the conception of a child. It is not without reason that at the very beginning of pregnancy the future mother often feels strange and is not able to explain to herself or others why. She also does not know how to help herself.

Hormones – what changes?

When a woman’s body begins to develop a foetus, many changes occur, including hormonal changes. It is worth to imagine that the concentration of progesterone increases almost a hundred times. There is also more prolactin and estrogen. All this affects us physically, physiologically and mentally.

In the case of the latter, mood swings appear. Progesterone makes us feel more calm, sad, and in the later stages of pregnancy also irritable and tired. Be aware that progesterone is a hormone that can cause extremely different moods. Estrogen, on the other hand, is called the “feel-good hormone” or the “optimism hormone”. All because thanks to it we have a great mood and everything seems easier and more beautiful

As a result of the fact that both progesterone and estrogen are significantly increasing – we often feel a bit irrational, going from one extreme to another. And it is hard for us to control it

Rest is the best cure for everything

A pregnant woman very often feels tired. In addition, there is stress and fear for the yet unborn child. The future mother, even if she has been preparing for her new role for a long time, also has many questions and concerns about what her life will be like in a few months.

So that all this does not translate into mood swings, it is worth taking care of your rest and getting enough sleep. If you want to take a nap, lie down. Often, a few minutes of relaxation will help to calm you down

Talk about your fears

A pregnant woman also often feels that she is misunderstood by her loved ones, and this translates into how she behaves and feels. Therefore, it is crucial that she shares her thoughts and concerns with her partner. Talking can help calm and reassure and will certainly improve the mood

It is also good to talk to a friend or colleague who is already pregnant. Surely, she too has had mood swings, and feeling that you are not alone in this situation will certainly make you feel better.

A calming activity can help

Being pregnant, most ladies decide to go on leave after some time. You can use this time to read a book, relax, knit, or do other things that help you calm down and relax.

If we feel that we are getting despondent – it is worth doing something that gives us pleasure, such as going to the zoo, for a walk, ice cream or going out of town for a breath of fresh air. There are plenty of possibilities, but the important thing is to do things you enjoy and not force yourself to do them.

Feel like crying? Do it!

Holding back tears certainly doesn’t help. In fact, it can be even more frustrating. Sometimes a moment of crying can really calm you down and make you think positively. That’s why it’s good to let your emotions out sometimes

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