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The first days of school. How to prepare our child for them?

The first days of school can be really stressful. Help your child prepare accordingly

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The first days of school are a very important moment in the life of every child and their parents. They evoke very strong emotions. Joy, curiosity and excitement are intertwined with fear. All this is accompanied by enormous stress. Does such a turbulent scenario also await your child? You can prevent it. See how to prepare your child to start a new stage in its life with a smile on its face.

Be supportive

The first day at school is associated with a change of lifestyle. New surroundings, classmates, the teacher… All of this can create tension. The uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring often overwhelms the child. At this moment he really needs your presence, support and understanding. Try to be his guide. Calmly lead him by the hand and help him adapt to the current situation.

During these special days, be close to him. Devote as much time to him as he needs. This way you will strengthen the bond between you. Give him a sense of security, take care of his rest, as well as a healthy diet. Tell him that you love him and that you believe he will do great. Such words strongly build the child’s self-esteem.

5 tips to prepare your child for the first days of school

1. Prepare the room together

Before the school year starts it’s a good idea to redecorate your child’s room. Your child should feel comfortable in it, so consult with her about the new decor. Together choose the color of the walls and the new furniture.

The study area must be comfortable and encourage learning. An ergonomic swivel chair with height adjustment is a great choice here. Thanks to this, the first-grader will be able to adjust the seat to his or her needs. There should not be too many objects on the desk. Too many accessories will distract him and make it difficult to do homework. Proper lighting should also be taken care of.

2. Choose a physical activity that you enjoy

Movement outdoors has a positive effect on the whole body. The brain is better oxygenated, metabolism speeds up, toxins are excreted… Physical activity has a positive effect on the quality of sleep and helps reduce stress. Regular exercise improves mood.

3. Help him acclimate to the new place

Do everything to make the first day of school go smoothly. In the evening, prepare all the necessary items and clothes. Get up early and make a delicious, nutritious breakfast. Try to be 15 – 20 minutes before the start of the inauguration. Show your child around the building, show him the locker room, cafeteria, common room…. This way he/she will get familiar with the new place and find it easier when you are not around.

After the ceremony, go to your favorite ice cream parlor. Ask your child about his/her first impressions. Explain that he/she will start class tomorrow. Encourage him to play with his new classmates. Promise to pick him up after work. Be caring, affectionate and understanding.

Show interest in him. Talk about what happened at school every day. Do your homework together. Don’t get upset if they don’t know how to do something. Yelling won’t achieve anything, it will only discourage your child from learning.

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4. Teach independence

Under no circumstances should you do everything for your first-grader. Let him pack and prepare clothes for the next day on his own. Help him only when he asks for it. Be in control, but in moderation. This will help your child gain confidence and become more responsible. This will certainly make his/her further education easier.

5. Cooperate with the teacher

Never criticize the teacher in front of your child. Talk to the teacher about your child’s progress. Don’t be afraid to ask about the child’s weak points. In this way you can together lead the child through the first stage of learning without unnecessary stress.

Take care of the details

Acclimatization does not have to be stressful. It is a good idea to start preparing for the start of the school year much earlier. This will allow you to systematically familiarize your child with the new reality. Think back to your first day at school and tell your child about it. Answer all questions. This way you will dispel his/her doubts.

Spend a lot of time together. Organize the room together. Let your child choose a schoolbag, a pencil case, shoes for school… Involve them in the preparations. Let him/her be ready for the first bell.

Make sure your child gets enough sleep. Encourage contact with peers and exercise outdoors. Praise your child for completing tasks correctly. When he/she does something wrong, try to give him/her suggestions on how to do it better. Remember about positive messages that will give faith and courage in difficult moments. Good luck.

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