How to talk to children about the climate crisis?
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How to talk to children about the climate crisis?

Many adults do not know how to talk to their kids about the climate crisis, which also affects the youngest. How to approach the topic rationally?

Watching movies about the state of our planet, reading numerous reports, listening to the opinions of experts in the field, one may get the impression that these are some science fiction stories, not the truth about the place where we live. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Nowadays, one can look with concern at what is happening to the Earth and to the climate. And it is worth talking to children about it, because contrary to appearances, they themselves can notice a lot, and besides, a lot of information comes to them. Avoiding the topic is undoubtedly not the solution. 

Prepare children for climate change 

The youngest also already have to face the climate crisis, although often unconsciously. That’s why it’s important to explain to them some of the issues and information coming to them. Making a secret of the planet’s not-so-good condition or avoiding the topic is not the solution. Even a child will notice that he or she is increasingly experiencing strong wind gusts, storms, hurricanes, hearing about fires or poor air quality. Of course, the subject must be approached rationally. You can’t make the child constantly live with a sense of anxiety, fear, etc. 

How to start the conversation?

You should first tell in general about the planet, what it looks like and what harms it. You can also ask if the child is particularly interested in something, maybe some questions have already arisen? If so – it is worth trying to at least answer them.

Such a conversation has many benefits, because in this way you can make the child aware and teach him how he can prevent the degradation of the planet. It is also worth printing or buying educational materials that explain complex issues in an accessible way. 

Teach your child various skills

To make your child feel safer, teach him how to handle different situations. Show how to grow a garden or sew clothes. Besides, it’s important for your offspring to know how to live in society, cooperate with others. Inform why it’s worth investing in renewable energy and what daily habits save such precious energy. And most importantly: set a good example yourself every day. Inform your offspring that it is worth giving up another pair of jeans, the production of which involves the consumption of a huge amount of water. Start remaking clothes together giving them a new life and yourself a huge dose of satisfaction. 

The conversation can be very emotional, so let your child express them. This will make it easier for him to come to terms and accept the current situation in the world, as well as mobilize for action.

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