What should a one-year-old child know?
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What should a one-year-old child know?

The completion of a child‘s the first year of life is an unforgettable event for parents and a milestone in their child’s development. Find out what your baby should know during this period.

Every child is different

Surely you have not once typed into a search engine what your child should know at a given period of his or her life. You saw that your friend’s child is already walking on its own, and yours is not yet. You are starting to worry whether everything is alright with your little one. Remember that every child develops at its own pace. One baby will be walking on his or her own on his or her first birthday, while another will be sitting up. You may be surprised, but both are developing properly. What a one-year-old baby should be able to do is dependent on many factors

You should know that each child has a different genetic background. Therefore, you should not compare the height, weight or even the number of teeth of babies of the same age. I will briefly introduce you to the developmental norms, from which you will learn what a one-year-old child should know

Physical development of a one-year-old baby

After the age of twelve months, your baby should triple his birth weight. It is assumed that a one-year-old child weighs about 10 kg on average, with a height of about 75 cm. Naturally, both of these factors are dependent on genes.

Author: Alexander Dummer (source: unsplash.com)

Motor activities

Year-old babies, very often like to walk held by both hands. However, such walking is not recommended by physiotherapists. It is worth knowing that a child has time for its first independent steps until it is 18 months old.

Your child should be able to sit up on its own by the end of the first year. The toddler should do it from the side position or from the four-legged position. Not all parents know that babies should not be seated. Premature planting of a toddler causes spinal defects!

It is also accepted that a child until the age of one should stand, holding on to e.g. the rungs in the crib. Many physiotherapists recommend that at this stage of development a baby should be bought a pushchair, which is an ideal toy for learning independent walking. Most importantly, the pusher has a great effect on the child’s motor coordination.

Another important stage in the development of your toddler is alternate crawling, which has a very positive impact on brain function. It was proved by American educator
Paul Dennison[efn_note]http://bazhum.muzhp.pl/media//files/Edukacja_Elementarna_w_Teorii_i_Praktyce_kwartalnik_dla_nauczycieli_/Edukacja_Elementarna_w_Teorii_i_Praktyce_kwartalnik_dla_nauczycieli_-r2007-t-n2/Edukacja_Elementarna_w_Teorii_i_Praktyce_kwartalnik_dla_nauczycieli_-r2007-t-n2-s7-13/Edukacja_Elementarna_w_Teorii_i_Praktyce_kwartalnik_dla_nauczycieli_-r2007-t-n2-s7-13.pdf[/efn_note]. A toddler has time to learn to crawl until the age of 13 months. It also happens that a one-year-old toddler can already walk a few steps on his own

Precise movements

In addition to motor activities, your baby should also have precision movements. Learning to make these movements is essential for further healthy development. By one year of age, your child should be able to:

  • bump into objects,
  • reach for hanging objects,
  • move objects from hand to hand,
  • eat with his hands – . The BLW method is great for this,
  • grasp a small object with two fingers (thumb andforefinger ).

Most children around the age of one can already drink on their own from a “normal” cup or a cup with a straw. If your child can’t do it, don’t worry – he has time to learn this activity until he is 18 months old.

source: Instagram(https://www.instagram.com/p/CDeRfC-Jsf_/)

Social development of a one-year-old child

A child around one year old is interested in other children. However, he is not able to interact with them, it is more of getting to know the other child and playing side by side. Importantly, the one-year-old child has a strong sense of ownership, so sharing one toy with other toddlers may be temporarily out of reach. Nevertheless, it is worth encouraging our child to spend time with peers – in this way the child begins to develop its social and communication skills

As a rule, toddlers already feel fear of strangers before their first birthday. The child recognizes the faces of people close to him and thus knows who is a stranger to him, e.g. if he does not see his grandmother for a long time, he may cry at the sight of her. On the other hand, among the closest people, a one-year-old child usually becomes the soul of the company – toddlers love to present their newly acquired skills in front of their parents

Separation anxiety appears between 8 and 10 months and lasts until about the child’s second year. Don’t worry, this is a difficult and completely normal stage in your little one’s development

Intellectual development

A child of about one year can show his own emotions, such as anger or happiness. He can also say simple words: “no” and “da”. They have until the age of 14 months to say “mama” and “papa” with understanding. The development of a child in this sphere is very important, so try to talk to your baby as often as possible. Songs and rhymes also work well

Toddlers around one year old discover that they are not a part of their mother, but an independent individual. By doing things on purpose, they also notice what a cause-and-effect relationship is

The completion of your toddler’s first year is a very important event. If you are concerned about any of your little one’s behavior, see your doctor. Remember that your child’s acquisition of each skill falls within a broad developmental norm.

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