Who is an ecomallah?
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Who is an ecomallah?

Our awareness of the condition of the planet we live on is growing every year. This also applies to new mothers. More and more women are trying to make their parenting as eco-friendly as possible. What kind of actions are worth considering when raising an eco-mom?


Breastfeeding is the most eco-friendly way to feed a toddler. Its advantages include not generating garbage in the form of nipples, bottles or packaging, saving water, which would have to be spent on washing bottles each time and not leaving a carbon footprint. But these are not the only advantages of breastfeeding. It is a very natural method, connected to our belonging to nature. What is more, it is 100% adapted to the needs of a newborn baby. Mother’s milk is produced spontaneously, without the need to involve animals, factories and all the associated infrastructure. It does not pollute the environment – as it does not contribute to the production of greenhouse gases. Such milk does not need to be heated, which would increase the consumption of water, electricity or gas. It contains all the valuable ingredients, such as enzymes supporting the digestive process or anti-parasitic substances. Breastfeeding also contributes to the natural bond between mother and child. In addition, sucking at the breast is a natural exercise that prepares the baby for speech.

Disposable diapers

No eco-friendly baby can do without cloth diapers. This solution is becoming more and more popular in our country every year. It’s no wonder since it has a lot of advantages. Disposable diapers are much more environment-friendly than classic, disposable products of this kind. Throughout the whole diapering period the same set of diapers is used. They can be successfully used after another baby is born or given away or sold to another mom. Every parent should be aware of the fact that disposable diapers can decompose even for several hundred years, and during the first two years of life, products necessary for baby’s care generate as much as 1.5 tons of waste. Eco-friendliness is not the only advantage of disposable diapers. They are also much more economical than disposables. Thanks to them, during the whole diapering period you can save from 1500 to even 3000 zlotys. One of the advantages of cloth diapers is the fact that they are made of materials which are safe for a baby’s sensitive skin. They do not contain any harmful chemicals and are not bleached with chlorine. What is more, cloth diapers do not cause diaper rash. This is due to breathable materials used in their production. Cloth diapers are extremely soft to the touch and comfortable to wear. They have no unpleasant, chemical smell and promote faster weaning.

source: YouTube(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpUu6RLRoH0)

Healthy nutrition

Organic parenting also means carefully choosing the food you give your baby. We can choose from ready-made jars of various kinds of food. What should be taken into account when choosing them? It is worth to have the eco or bio sign on the package. Only then you can be sure that the products included in the composition come from a certified farm. An unquestionable advantage of food in jars is also the fact that they can be reused in many different ways. A lot of moms also decide to cook on their own. This is an excellent solution especially for little ones with allergies. Its advantages include, among others, much lower costs of meals. You should only use ingredients that come from reliable sources, such as your own garden, when preparing meals for your baby.

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