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Your little one doesn’t want to fall asleep? A car ride is a reliable lullaby – but the most important thing is a safe and sturdy seat

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Doesn’t everyone of us know this lulling to sleep moment during a monotonous car ride – falling asleep in the car happens to the best of us. You will read below about how this method works for toddlers and whether it is the best possible one

Sleepy rounds – or a ride with a toddler

Almost every parent knows the feeling when every attempt to put the toddler to sleep ends in failure and the ultimate solution becomes a car trip. It’s quite an interesting correlation – children love driving, the younger they are, the more calming a ride has on them. On the one hand – harmoniously moving views behind the window, on the other hand the regular sound of the engine – both factors have a soothing effect on almost every toddler ready to sleep.

If we go for the above-mentioned ride, we are usually already exhausted from previous attempts to fight with the toddler resisting sleep. This should be strongly taken into account, because fatigue greatly weakens the concentration of the driver, especially the driver-parent, who has to divide it between the road and the child.

Safety first

The basis of a safe trip for our child, apart from a responsible driver, is a car seat. There are many manufacturers, as in any competitive market. When choosing the right car seat for your child, you should be guided by the results of ADAC tests. These are specialist measurements carried out on car seats in four basic ranges, i.e. safety, comfort, use and cleaning. Importantly, the tests additionally capture the content of harmful substances in the manufacturing material.

Simpler doesn’t always mean better

Putting a toddler to sleep on a car trip can be considered going for the easy way. If we know that it works on a child – especially when confronted with a day-long exhaustion and sleeplessness – we easily reach for this solution. However, stopping for a moment to consider the whole structure of upbringing and shaping, we can see that such a car round is not so far removed in its scheme from turning on a cartoon on the tablet. Of course, everything in moderation – but simple and easy things get into our habits faster. And habit shapes who we are – what kind of parent, caregiver. In the broadest context of our understanding of the matter, a ride, yes – but how about a walk in a baby carriage, which will provide fresh air for the toddler and a bit of exercise for the stressed parent? Yes, yes, and what if it rains? As Linda Åkeson McGurk puts it in her Swedish way, “There is no bad weather for a walk”.

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