Electric breast pump – what to consider when choosing?
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Electric breast pump – what to consider when choosing?

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The layette for a baby cannot lack diapers, bottles, clothes or toys. Preparing for the birth of a baby, it is worth taking care to choose one more useful item – an electric breast pump. This device turns out to be an invaluable help for new moms, especially when they have problems with lactation. What to look for when shopping? How to choose the right electric breast pump?

Power and number of cycles per minute

The effectiveness of the device is determined primarily by the power of the breast pump. It is assumed that the higher it is, the more effective the device is in expressing breast milk. Another very important indicator is the number of cycles per minute, which influences the comfort of use. It is important that this value is not less than 30 – otherwise using a breast pump may be painful

The number of cycles per minute is the number of suction movements produced per minute. If you only use the breast pump occasionally, a pumping speed of 30-35 cycles is sufficient. If you regularly express using an electric pump, the recommended rate is 35-60 cycles per minute. Remember that there are also breast pumps on the market which allow you to adjust the suction speed

Number of pumping phases and material

Electric breast pumps come in one-phase and two-phase variants. The second type of devices better mimics the way an infant takes milk. Such an electric breast pump begins its work by stimulating the breast to the outflow of milk. Then the device expresses milk at the optimal speed and power

When buying a breast pump, you should also take into account the material from which its parts are made. Elements which come into contact with breast milk must be created from materials free of BPA (Bisphenol A) – the mentioned substance is harmful to humans and may contribute to the development of cancer, fertility disorders, obesity, diabetes, skin allergies and asthma. Therefore it is worth taking care that the elements of the breast pump which come into contact with the breast milk do not contain BPA. The material from which these parts are made should also be easy to keep clean.

Additional features and accessories

Breast pumps available in stores and pharmacies may offer the function of adjusting the strength and speed of breast pumping. Some devices allow you to select the number of cycles to suit your individual needs. Some devices may have a built-in alarm clock, watch or massage pads. Some breast pumps come with breast shells, special bottles and sterilisers. It is therefore worth comparing the available functions and additional accessories, while browsing particular models.

Method of power supply and adjustment of the funnel

When buying an electric breast pump, you can opt for a device that draws power from the mains. For this type of model to start working, you need to plug it into an outlet. This means that using a mains-connected breast pump always requires the presence of an electrical contact in the room. More mobility and freedom in choosing the place of expressing milk are provided by devices powered by batteries or a rechargeable battery, which needs to be charged with a charger. These types of breast pumps are ideal for taking on the go.

When choosing a breast pump, you should also remember to match the size of the funnel to the size of your nipple. Manufacturers often provide information on how to fit the breast pump to your body so that it is comfortable to use.

Electric breast pumps make it easier to express milk, help to stimulate lactation and cope with milk supply. When looking for the right model, you should be guided by the power of the device and the number of suction cycles per minute offered by it. In addition, you need to take into account how the equipment is powered, the size of the funnel and the material from which the breast pump is made. The number of phases of milk extraction and the availability of additional features and accessories will also prove to be important selection criteria. If you take into account all the mentioned issues, you will manage to buy an electric breast pump that fits your individual needs and provides the most comfortable use.

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