The last weeks before childbirth – how to pass the time?
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The last weeks before childbirth – how to pass the time?

Many pregnant women admit that the end of their pregnancy is getting longer. They are no longer able to be as active as before, and they have plenty of time. We suggest how to make this period more pleasant!

At the end of pregnancy almost every future mother is on sick leave. Quite a big belly, extra kilograms, swelling, heartburn and many other pregnancy ailments usually make it impossible to perform many activities, including work.

As a result, a woman has a lot of time, but not much strength. That’s why she is often bored and doesn’t know how to organize her day other than in front of the TV, when she is no longer able to run through shopping malls or do any physical activity. So how to use this time?

1. It is worth catching up on reading

A good book is always a great idea. As you know, a guide for future moms about care and nursing of the baby is a must, but it is also worth reading something for pleasure. It can be a detective story, thriller, romance – it doesn’t matter, the important thing is that the story presented on the pages was absorbing for us. So it is worth catching up on all the reading, especially since after the birth there will be rather little time to read anything.

2. Cross-stitch embroidery

Cross-stitch embroidery has become very popular in recent years. On the market there are available completely white canvases or canvases with a chosen image (they are easier, because you don’t have to count the stitches). For this mouline and a good needle and you can independently create fantastic images for example to the baby’s room.

Cross-stitch is trivially simple, on the Internet you will find a lot of pictures and videos that show how to do it exactly. Instructions are often included in the set of canvases. Later, such embroidered image can be put in an antique frame and hang on the wall. It looks really cool!

3. Decoupage

Self-made decorations are very popular nowadays. You can match them to your interior, and besides you have to admit that making them is a lot of fun.

What is decoupage? It is a special way of decorating wooden surfaces by using napkins, paints and glue. You can easily get an amazing effect – as if the pictures were painted with a brush. Besides, it is also quite a cheap hobby – the whole set costs about several dozen zlotys. You also do not need to have any artistic talent.

All you need is a bit of willingness and knowledge of what to do step by step. Mother-to-be can use this method to make e.g. a box for wet wipes for the baby, or anything else, a candle holder, a shelf, a tray… The possibilities are endless!

4. Get to know mums-to-be

On social media you can easily find forums for pregnant moms and other groups for women expecting a baby in the same month as you. It is a good idea to join them and get to know other mums-to-be. You can talk to them, share your fears, advice or simply talk about everyday problems. In this way many friendships have already been born, especially since the birth can always meet for a walk or coffee with babies

5. Learn to sew!

Sewing with a child, especially the older one, is very useful. So it is worth to improve your skills. Besides, thanks to this, you can sew many unique clothes or accessories for your child, which you can hardly find in chain stores. Especially that sewing a hat or a headband is not difficult at all.

Of course, if the future mother feels up to it, she can take advantage of professional sewing courses. Otherwise she can successfully learn from videos available on the Internet (which are free) and online courses. Sewing can be very enjoyable and useful. And it is not at all as complicated as it might seem!

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