Advantages of reading together with your child
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Advantages of reading together with your child

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In the computer age we rarely find time for a moment alone with a book. Most often, this is due to a multitude of daily duties and the desire to indulge in undemanding entertainment, such as an episode of your favorite TV series or scrolling through your Instagram feed. And although it is perfectly natural, it is worth taking a moment to read together with your child. After all, just a few minutes with a book a day is enough to benefit your little one’s development.

You don’t have to wait for your little one to start saying their first words before you reach for your first children’s books. You don’t have to wait until your child starts speaking before you start reading your first children’s books. The sooner you start the adventure with reading, the better. Even a baby in a crib will appreciate a bedtime story, but a calmer sleep is only one of the many advantages of reading with your child.

Supports learning to speak

Fairy tales for children to read benefit speech development for many reasons. First of all, they enrich the vocabulary of toddlers, because they create interest in language – the toddler will ask you about the meaning of previously unknown words. In addition, at a later stage of development, listening to a story read to them by an adult, they also learn grammatical and stylistic correctness, which will positively affect their future performance in school.

Supports learning to read

Don’t stop reading to your child the moment they start school. Contrary to what you might think, this is when reading together can be crucial to their development. When children start learning to read on their own, they can be discouraged by the unattractiveness of the texts in school books and pressure from teachers and peers. Learning to read is difficult for many newcomers, and as a parent, you can support your child’s first letters with interesting books that he or she will never be able to tear themselves away from. If reading becomes fun for your child and not just a chore, he/she will master this skill much faster!

Awakens curiosity about the world

If your child has not yet discovered his/her interests, reading together can help him/her to do so. Books are not only adventure or fantasy novels, but also amazing guides to the world of animals and plants, atlases of space, encyclopedias. The possibilities are endless, and each new item will only increase your child’s curiosity about the world. In addition, educational children’s books are a great opportunity to teach your child important lessons like respect for others, protecting the environment, or loving animals.

A lesson in empathy

Just as we easily identify with our favorite creations in a book while reading, children choose beloved characters whose emotions particularly affect them. Experiencing adventures together with the characters in a story allows them to gain a deeper understanding of human feelings and how we interact with each other in society, making them more connected to those around them.

Building a relationship with a parent

In reading together, it is not only the content of the book that is important, but above all the time spent alone with the child. In the daily rush, there is often no time just for the family, and yet even a few minutes with reading is an excuse to build a stronger bond with the child. When you read a book to your child, they feel important and loved, which in the bigger picture benefits their development.

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