Tepee tent for toddler – perfect for summer!
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Tepee tent for toddler – perfect for summer!

An excellent proposal for the youngest, as well as a little older children is a tipi tent. It will create a corner to play, will be a zone just for the child, and in addition will be a great element of decor in the apartment and the children’s room.

What exactly is a tipi?

Tipi is a name that comes from an Indian tent, in which nomadic tribes lived. It was the best option for them because they often changed their places of stay. However, the Tipi tent for toddlers is definitely more subtle and tailored to the needs and expectations of children and their parents. It is usually made of wood, or more precisely of four wooden poles that support the whole structure, and of material whose texture, color and thickness can be adjusted as you wish. Tipi is small in size, so it will fit even in a tiny baby’s room or other room where the child stays. Additionally, its aesthetic appearance will enrich the look of the room.

source: Instagram(https://www.instagram.com/p/CD0fx5UJ39d/)

What is a tipi used for and who can use it?

The tipi tent is primarily designed for toddlers, but older children, or those of preschool age, will also find a place for themselves in it.

Tipi is mainly designed for play, creating a great asylum where children will keep their favorite toys and treasures. What’s more, this tent is mobile, so you can change its location at any time – it can stand indoors as well as on the terrace or even in the garden. Some tents are adapted to be able to stand on the grass and nothing will happen to their base.

Tipi is also a place where the child can rest, calm down. Nothing stands in the way of making a temporary bed in the tent tipi, moving to it your favorite pillow, quilt or blanket. You can also install lights or a battery-operated lamp in it and voilà! Your child’s dream of a night in a tent is fulfilled.

In addition, tipi tent is designed so that its very appearance encourages the child to play. It can be a princess castle at the moment, and in a moment it will serve as a doll house or Indian tent. Tipi stimulates the imagination of the child and gives a wide range of possibilities to use. That is why it is so willingly chosen by both children and parents. Recently, it has become a hit gift, both on the occasion of the “anniversary” of the child, as well as a gift for children at preschool and even school age.

The tent is also a decorative element, of course, in addition to its primary function, which is to play. As it has already been mentioned – the range of colors of the material from which it will be made, the patterns on this material, or even the structure of the material is so wide that certainly everyone will find something to suit and match the decor of the room.

source: YouTube(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lykslh9kptQ)

Which tepee to choose?

Nowadays, there are so many models and types of tipi tents on the market that choosing the best solution should not be a problem. When buying the right model you should pay attention to several important elements, namely:

  • Quality of workmanship – behind the quality of workmanship of a given product lies not only its ideal appearance, but above all its safety, and as we know, it is the most important for parents when choosing toys and furniture for the child’s room. Tent elements should be carefully finished, without any unnecessary protruding parts. You should pay attention to the quality of the material that the tent is made of, so that it does not cause allergies or rashes in the toddler
  • Functionality – this is another important element that parents should pay attention to when choosing the perfect tipi. The construction of the product should be stable. This will ensure that the child will not knock the tent over on itself or pull out the elements supporting the structure
  • Additional elements – may not be necessary, but when choosing it is worth paying attention to their presence or absence. It is important that the child feels comfortable and at ease in the tipi tent, so it is worth using such features as, for example, additional strings to tie the windows or sewn-in pockets, which will act as storage for children’s trinkets. On the market we also have sets available which can be personalized as you wish. These are all kinds of patches with the child’s name or hanging letters, which also indicate who the owner of a given tent is. Additional elements, such as all kinds of blankets, toy containers, pillows or decorative elements will also help to create for the child its ideal place to play.
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