What to keep in mind when buying a new school backpack?
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What to keep in mind when buying a new school backpack?

Buying a backpack should be thoughtful. It is, after all, about the healthy spine of our child. So which one is worth choosing?

Unfortunately, there are still parents who buy their kids a backpack suggesting only the picture on it. It is known that every child wants to have his favorite hero or animal on the bag, but this is not really the most important thing. A poorly chosen, poor-quality backpack can have a very bad effect on the child’s spine. So what should you pay attention to when going shopping?

Pay attention to the weight of the backpack

A backpack should not be too heavy. Remember that when stuffed with books and school supplies, it will still weigh a bit. Experts have calculated that a backpack is not harmful to a child’s spine if its weight does not exceed 15% of the weight of whoever is carrying it. This means that a child weighing 20 kg should not carry a backpack over 3 kg. And this is undoubtedly difficult to do. In stores you will find backpacks weighing from 0.5 kg to 3 kg. It is worth buying the lightest one.

Rigid back and capacity

Important issues when it comes to a backpack are a stiffened back and capacity. The former promotes straightening of the back, especially if the backpack is quite full. As for capacity, the best one will be no smaller than 10 L, and one that can accommodate A4 size.

A large number of pockets 

In the case of a children’s backpack, it is also important that it has a large number of pockets. Then it will be easier to keep it organized. A separate pocket for a sandwich is the most important point, as children sometimes put, for example, an uneaten and not very well-packed sandwich or an over-eaten apple into the backpack. A separate pocket will prevent food from staining the books. The same goes for a drinking pocket. 

Reflectors for safety

Many adults forget that an item that should be on every backpack is reflectors. This will allow drivers to see the child from a distance, and this will significantly reduce the risk of possible accidents. Reflectors should be located in several places. If they are not there, alternatively, we can sew them on ourselves or buy ready-made ones to attach ourselves.

What else is important?

The backpack should have good quality zippers, so that they do not pull apart or jam. Attention should be paid to the quality of the stitching, so that the stitching does not tear, which can be very problematic (especially if the incident occurs at school). On top of that, the backpack should have adjustable straps so that it can be adjusted to fit the child.

Better backpack or satchel?

In the case of a first-grader, a school bag is rather better, because it distributes the weight better on the shoulders, and on top of that, the books do not crumple and are easier to put in. The downside is that few third graders will want to wear a schoolbag, so it is unlikely to be a purchase for years.

main photo: unsplash.com/Element5 Digital

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