How to choose the right furniture for the age of the child?
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How to choose the right furniture for the age of the child?

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Decorating a room for a child is a constant change. A toddler grows and develops at a dizzying pace, so his needs change very quickly. Along with new skills and constant development, his room should also change to meet his requirements. Meeting your baby’s needs and matching his toys and furniture to his age is important and has a big impact on how he learns about the world. See how to match the furniture in your baby’s room to the age of your child.

Furniture for a toddler

Babies very rarely sleep in their own room, most often they share the space with their parents, because with such a small child it is the most comfortable solution. An infant doesn’t need much, just a crib, a changing table, a closet for clothes and a play mat and lots of toys to stimulate his developing mind. Baby things are small, so they take up very little space. A chest of drawers or a closet in the bedroom will be enough to accommodate the baby’s clothes and underwear. A supply of diapers, cream and wet wipes will certainly fit on the changing table, so in fact, when it comes to furniture, layette for the youngest is trivial.

Furniture for a child of preschool age

Older children need a bit more space and more furniture. It is understood that a child over the age of 18 months should move from an infant crib to a toddler bed. A few years old can still roll off the bed while sleeping, so it’s good that such a bed is at least partially built-in, because the safety of the child is most important. In addition to the bed, an older child needs a place for manual play – drawing, cutting out, modeling with plasticine. In his room there should be a table and chairs suited to his height, so that the child could bring his artistic materials, sit down and create on his own. Along with larger clothes, you will of course need a larger closet or a few small cabinets. At this age, it is also a good idea to introduce some space for toys, as a few years old child should learn to clean up after their play. A specific place where a cardboard box or basket with toys will stand is a very good idea

Furniture for a school-aged child

For a child starting his adventure with education, it is worth completely reorganize the room. Single bed “for big children” will certainly be the cause of much excitement. In addition, it is good to separate different zones in the room – space for play, study and relaxation. In the play area, of course, there should be toys, it can also be a place where the child uses the computer for recreation, not learning. The study area should not have toys or gadgets that could distract your child from doing homework or participating in online activities. This is a study-only area with a desk and a comfortable height-adjustable chair. A good desk lamp and a corkboard, for example, for the timetable are also useful. The relaxation area, on the other hand, can be an angle of the room where there will be a tent or a base of pillows. This is a space where a young person can relax, calm their emotions or read a book. For a school-aged child, privacy begins to be important, and it’s a good idea to provide it so they can feel safe

Depending on the age of the child, their room needs to go through constant changes. In fact, it is only in the teenage years that a child no longer needs these modifications. Proper selection of furniture for the age and height of the child is extremely important for his development, but also for his health. Furniture that is ill-suited to height, such as desks and chairs, can cause curvature of the spine and other defects in the constantly developing bone and joint system. Keep this in mind when furnishing a room for your child. Make sure they are provided with everything they need for their age and give them a happy and carefree childhood.

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