Conflict between a child and a teacher – how should a parent react?
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Conflict between a child and a teacher – how should a parent react?

At various stages of education, it may happen that your child gets into disagreements not only with peers, but also with the teacher. Are you wondering how you should intervene? What to do and how to behave? Which side to take? You will find the necessary hints in the following article. Get acquainted with it!

Parent in child-teacher conflict

Conflicts in life are inevitable, and sometimes it can happen that it is your child who argues with the teacher. In a situation where you are invited to the school for an interview, first talk about the whole situation with your child at home – calmly, analyzing not only his words, but also his body language. This way you will show him that he matters to you, that you respect his needs and support him.

This conversation is important to the whole matter, but don’t allow the child to behave in an inappropriate, abusive way during it, for example. On the other hand, the child is looking to you for help, so he may react nervously and have a problem with his emotions. It is inadvisable to teach the child to “bury his head in the sand” and accept the teacher’s rationale as the absolute truth. This leads to nothing good, and still the child may feel rejected because neither the teacher nor the parents understand him.

On the other hand, if you already go to school, do the same with the teacher – listen to him, without judging or attacking, so that he presents his picture of the situation. Then inform him how the child sees it and how you see it. Together, look for the best solution.

How to prepare the child to deal with problematic situations?

Finally, a few more words about the fact that as a parent you should talk to your child from an early age and explain to him the complexity of the world. It is up to you to familiarize him with emotions and teach him to express them and set boundaries. In all of this, you can’t overlook the important issue of dealing with problematic situations. Conflicts are inevitable and the child should know how to behave then.

How to do it? By playing games, watching cartoons/movies and reading books that feature arguments. This is a good opportunity to talk and explain the nature of the conflict and ways to resolve it. The same is true with siblings – domestic quarrels are also an opportunity to discuss difficult situations.

How does this relate to problems with the teacher? By talking and discussing different scenarios, you will prepare your child and present him with different ideas for solving possible conflicts, as well as teach him how he should defend himself when attacked. 

The most important conclusion is that your child should always know that he can turn to you with any problem and will always be heard.

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