10 creative ideas for telling loved ones about pregnancy
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10 creative ideas for telling loved ones about pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special time. After all, a new member of the family will soon arrive. How to inform the loved ones about it, so that they remember this moment forever?

When parents-to-be learn that in a few months their offspring will be born, they usually cannot control their emotions. Often they almost want to shout their happiness to the world. It is worthwhile for them to inform about the joyful news in a slightly different, more creative way, which everyone will later remember fondly!

1. Cake, cake or muffin with sugar shoes or a pacifier

A pretty popular idea to tell your husband, parents, or in-laws that the family is getting bigger in a few months is to serve a cake, pie, or muffin with an inscription or some kind of baby accessories (usually sugar shoes or pacifiers). You can also put a special topper, which is a wooden or plastic inscription. Such a dessert will certainly be not only tasty, but also surprising – and everyone will remember it for a long time!

2. T-shirt with an inscription for an older child

If you already have one child and are expecting another descendant – it is worth buying a T-shirt with the inscription “I will be the older brother” or “I will be the older sister”. A son or a daughter dressed in such a way can be taken to a family dinner or to visit grandparents. The T-shirt and what it says on it will certainly get the attention of your loved ones very quickly! Besides, it will also be a cool keepsake in the future.

3. How about scratch cards?

I think everyone loves scratch cards and breathlessly removes the wear layer to find out what’s underneath. On the internet you will find plenty of stores that offer individually prepared scratch cards. Underneath, for example, they might say “Congratulations! You’re going to be a grandma!”

4. A poem? Why not!

If we don’t have a problem with choosing rhymes, we can write a poem about our family getting bigger in a few months. It doesn’t have to be long or artistic. The important thing is that it is funny. Such a poem can be recited during a meeting with people to whom we want to tell about the pregnancy or send it by mail (then it is worth to write it on some stationery referring to the baby e.g. with pictures of babies, pacifiers etc.)

5. Something big and something small

You can give your close ones for example a big t-shirt and attach to it a bodysuit in an identical style. Alternatively, if you like knitting – it is a great idea to give your parents or siblings a hat and show them another one – very small. The same can be done with gloves or scarves – you can, and should, let your imagination run wild!

6. A funny inscription on chocolate

If our loved ones have a sense of humor, we can buy a chocolate (or other sweet) and stick a card on it with an inscription like “eat me whole so I’m not alone with a big belly – beware, you’re only a few months old!”. You can also order pre-made chocolates or candies with this type of note. It will certainly be funny!

7. Cutlery in baby socks

Another rather fun and creative way to announce the addition of the family is to invite your loved ones to dinner and put cutlery in baby socks instead of napkins. It is best to choose ones that will attract attention, so with some cute lace or writing.

8. How about a crossword puzzle?

If our family loves puzzles, then it is worth preparing a crossword puzzle for them. You can also find many homemade puzzles on the Internet. During a family meeting everyone receives a piece of paper with the task and get to work! It will certainly be creative and interesting at the same time. The key is not to include words that could mislead someone

9. Draw a comic strip!

If the parents-to-be are known for their sense of humor, they can prepare a comic strip. For example, the drawing can depict a baby in the belly, telling others that he will soon join them, telling them to get ready for the day of his birth, etc. The caption can be absolutely anything! And the more funny – the better!

10. A picture of a pregnancy test

If we do not have the opportunity to meet the people we would like to inform about the blessed state, we can take a nice photo of the pregnancy test (just put the test next to, for example, baby socks and flowers) and send an MMS

Main photo: Sincerely Media, source: unsplash.com

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