How do you tell if an infant has a visual impairment?
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How do you tell if an infant has a visual impairment?

A baby’s eyesight is already formed during pregnancy. The eye primordia form during the 7th week of pregnancy. Around the 27th week of pregnancy, the baby begins to open its eyes, but strong light can cause a reaction in the fetus only 2 weeks before the due date. Is it possible to check the child’s eyesight defect on your own?

How to check the baby’s vision at home?

A parent can check the baby’s eyesight at home in several ways. In the first months of life, when the activity of the toddler is limited, the parent should check if the child’s eyesight is focused on the face. In the following months of life, it can be checked if the infant recognizes toys and follows them with his eyes without moving his head. The parent should watch how the toddler reacts to the carousel hung over the crib and to his reflection in the mirror.

What symptoms should worry?

Every child develops at a different rate. The difference in the acquisition of skills can be very large. However, every parent should be concerned about such symptoms as

  • no eye contact after 3 months of age;
  • no response to a parent’s facial expressions after the age of 3 months;
  • the baby’s pupils are still dilated, uneven or white in color;
  • the toddler does not reach for a toy, even though the toddler is 6 months old;
  • baby’s eyes are uneven, cloudy, red or inflamed;
  • baby’s eyes move in two different directions;
  • eyelids droop spontaneously.

How does a newborn see?

A baby, coming into the world, sees only 10% of what an adult sees. Unfortunately, sight is the least developed organ at birth. A newborn can see only from a distance of 20-30 cm. That is why in the first 4 weeks of life it is very difficult to detect eye defects in a baby.

How does a baby see after the first month of life?

Over time the baby’s vision will begin to improve. After the age of 1 month the baby can already see from a distance of 60 cm. At this time it is worth hanging a contrasting carousel over the baby’s crib. The baby should start to follow the toys on the carousel.

How does my child see after 3 months of age?

By the time your baby is 3 months old, he or she can see eye movements. Although his field of vision is still blurred, he is already able to focus and follow objects. New for a baby at this age is the recognition of the color yellow and shapes. During this period, you can already check your toddler’s eyesight – whether he is wandering with his eyes after a toy.

How does a baby see between 3 and 6 months of age?

After the age of 4 months, a toddler’s vision slowly begins to improve. Your baby will begin to see the general outline of objects. At this time, your baby will also begin to notice his hands and other objects that are within his reach. Your baby will also become interested in toys. At 6 months of age, your baby will begin to recognize the faces of loved ones.

How can I stimulate my baby’s vision through colors?

Sight is a very important sense that supports the psychomotor development of a child. The organ of sight develops very dynamically until the first year of life, and the palette of colors recognized by the infant gradually expands.

During the first three months of life, it is a good idea to stimulate the eyes through black and white toys, cards and books. Colorful toys and books should be left for later. When your baby is three months old, you can introduce red, yellow and blue. Choose bright shades and simple forms. It is worth betting on books and toys with interesting shapes and colors. A great solution are educational mats, which stimulate all the senses of the toddler.

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