Feeding chair – what to look for when buying?
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Feeding chair – what to look for when buying?

The introduction of solid foods is a very important stage in the life of every child. Using a feeding chair is a great help during meals. What should we pay attention to when buying it? What types of chairs are there?

What should I consider when buying a highchair?

Expanding the diet is a very important moment in the life of every child. It is then worth buying a feeding chair. Buying a highchair seems like a simple task. Unfortunately it is not. Different models are available in stores. What should you pay attention to when buying?

The most important features you should pay attention to when buying:

  • safety belts five-point safety belts are an essential element of the chair’s equipment. Thanks to them the child will not fall out;
  • the materialof which the seat and the table are made the material should be easy to keep clean;
  • material of theframe of the chaira plastic frame is light but less durable than a metal one;
  • maximum load capacity most chairs are limited to 15 kg and chairs with metal frames to 36 kg
  • filling of theseat it should be soft so that the child can sit comfortably in the chair;
  • seatprofiling the chair should be fitted with a crotch pin to prevent the child from slipping out of the chair
  • backrest adjustment the ability to recline the backrest is a great advantage if the chair will be used for more than just feeding;
  • adjustableheight of the footrest platform a great option for parents who want to use the chair for a long time;
  • removable tray this option is very useful when the child is bigger. Then the tray can be removed and the child can eat with other family members at the table
  • thesize of the table it is worth taking into account the future needs of the child e.g. learning to draw;
  • raised edge of the tray thanks to this, spilling liquid food will not flood the whole floor;
  • foldability if there is little space in the apartment, the best option is to fold the seat;
  • castorswith blockade castors in the chair enable its easy movement around the house;
  • approvals Approvals confirm that the high chair is completely safe for the child to use.

Types of highchairs

There are different types of feeding chairs available in stores. The most popular is the classic chair, which takes up a lot of space but has a number of other features: adjustable backrest and tray. Some classic models also come with a drawing table.

A more compact option is a folding feeding chair, which takes up very little room when folded. This is a great option for people who travel a lot or have a small apartment.

If parents want their baby to sit with them at the table, they should choose a chair with an extension. Then it is enough to attach the seat to a classic chair. Some models come with attachable legs. This allows them to be used as a classic feeding chair.

A tabletop chair is another way to seat the baby next to the parents at the table. When choosing this option, remember that the table to which the chair will be attached must be heavy.

The introduction of the first solid meals to a newborn’s diet occurs from the 6th month of life. At this time, the toddler makes his first independent attempts to sit up. If the baby is not yet able to sit up on its own, the feeding chair should have a recliner function. This allows the parent to feed the baby safely.

Main photo: Christian Hermann, source: unsplash.com

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