Why is crawling and creeping so important?
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Why is crawling and creeping so important?

For every parent, child development is very important. Therefore, he or she carefully observes the new skills that the offspring acquires. Very important is crawling and crawling – why?

A small child almost every day learns something new. Each new skill is of course important, but some of the most important are crawling and creeping. Occasionally, some toddlers skip a step. However, experts encourage to motivate the child to crawl or creep before getting up on legs, because it has an impact on their health and further development

Crawling – what should you know about it?

Crawling is the first way for a toddler to move. Most often it occurs around 6-7 months of age. When this stage begins parents are usually very happy and worried at the same time. Is everything going well? At first, a baby starts to crawl backwards. Only with time it moves forward

The parent should observe whether the child is crawling properly. The toddler should make alternate movements – right hand forward, left leg up and so on alternately. The shoulders should be lowered and the legs should be lying freely on the floor.

Occasionally, however, a baby will crawl using only one leg and one arm. If this is the beginning of crawling, there is no need to worry, but if with time the alternate movement does not appear – it is necessary to visit a physiotherapist, who will correct the movements of the infant and teach him the correct habits. They are very important in further development and acquisition of further motor skills.

Alternating movement means that the two cerebral hemispheres work together. It is important to know that the lack of alternate movement and lack of visiting a specialist may result in many ailments later on, including SI disorders, dysgraphia, dyslexia, problems with concentration and attention (which usually translates into problems in learning), fear of heights or balance disorders.

Before a child can crawl, he or she must master symmetry, stabilize the trunk, learn to support (symmetrically) on the elbows, and transfer his or her body weight. When the baby starts to move, it is important to provide the right conditions, e.g. hard, not too slippery ground, encourage the baby to lie on his stomach and play in this position, e.g. preparing a funny obstacle course to encourage movement

When does my baby start crawling?

A baby usually starts to crawl between 8 and 10 months of age, but it can happen earlier or later – it all depends on individual predispositions and when their musculoskeletal system is already prepared to start crawling. Before the toddler starts to move in this way, he first keeps his body weight on the upper limbs, and then transfers it to the back limbs

Crawling – a very important activity

Parents are often not even aware of the importance of crawling. Just like crawling – it helps create a connection between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, which control both bodies of a toddler. Crawling promotes learning skills, teaches concentration, focus, etc. It happens that some children do not crawl, which is not beneficial, because it can contribute to sensory disorders in the future. Later on the child may also have difficulties with writing or reading

Crawling is also important for motor development. It has a positive effect on the spine. Additionally, the child learns coordination, harmonization of two sides of the body. Cramping is very important for babies with asymmetrical body structure. This position loads them evenly, plus it has a beneficial effect on normalizing muscle tone.

Main photo: Jordan Rowland/unsplash.com

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