What products should I use to bathe my baby?
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What products should I use to bathe my baby?

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Baby’s skin requires special protection. It is much more delicate than adult skin, so it is very important to choose the right cosmetics used for bathing a baby. See how to choose appropriate products, which will be good for toddlers.

How to choose cosmetics for baby?

When choosing bath cosmetics, but not only, one should pay attention to whether they are certified or have a positive opinion of a research center, such as Children’s Health Center, Institute of Mother and Child or National Institute of Hygiene, or a scientific society, such as the Polish Pediatric Society or the Polish Society of Allergology.

Cosmetics for children should not contain too many ingredients, especially if they are used for bathing newborns. The less substances a cosmetic contains, the safer it will be for the sensitive baby skin. That is why before buying it is worth to read labels and choose hypoallergenic products. This will ensure that the risk of skin irritation is minimized.

You should also pay attention to cosmetics that have a soothing effect. For washing a baby, especially the smallest one, one proven cosmetic is enough.

Washing and bathing cosmetics

There are various preparations for children available on the market: liquids, gels and emulsions. They differ not only in name, but also in density. This is due to different cosmetic formulas. The most dense are gels, while the least – emulsions.

Some children’s cosmetics do not contain fragrances, but it may be that the natural smell of ingredients is not very pleasant.

2-in-1 lotions

They are used to wash the body and hair of babies. They can be used both to wash the skin and instead of shampoo. If the child does not have any problems with the scalp, this will be the most practical and economical solution. It is worth reaching for cosmetics in packaging with a pump.

Shampoos for babies

They are not used to wash the body. Some are available in the traditional form of a liquid, while others transform the liquid into a delicate foam after pressing the applicator. When choosing a shampoo, you should also pay attention to the labels and choose the most suitable one, as some only wash the hair, while others have soothing and even healing properties.

Soaps for kids

They are unscented or delicately perfumed. You can wash both the skin and hair of the child with them. The most convenient for parents will be soaps that fit easily in the palm of your hand. Larger bars will last longer, but they are more difficult to handle while washing your baby.


Oils can also be used to bathe your baby. They are not used to wash the skin or hair, but to soften the water and lubricate the skin. They are composed of various oils (such as jojoba, almond or sunflower) or liquid paraffin, i.e. mineral oil. In addition, they often contain aloe vera, which is anti-bacterial and moisturizes the skin, chamomile extract, which soothes irritation, or a moisturizing extract of calendula. Oils differ in their consistency. They can be liquid or in a gel (easier to apply). They are very efficient, so it is recommended to use a small amount for bathing, preferably while pouring water, so that the cosmetic is evenly distributed.

Body lotion or milk for the youngest

Baby’s skin has a natural tendency to dry out, as it is immature and has no glands that produce a protective lipid coat. If your baby’s skin is dry, you should apply a moisturizing lotion or milk after bathing. However, if the body is smooth, you do not need to use cosmetics after bathing.

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