Noisy cuddles – what is their phenomenon?
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Noisy cuddles – what is their phenomenon?

A parent of every toddler would like his child to sleep peacefully and undisturbed. Unfortunately, very often various factors make this task difficult for the toddler. That’s when a cuddly noise toy comes in handy.

A brief history of humming toys

The first noisy toys on the market were Shumisie. They were created a few years ago, according to the design of a young mother – Anna Skórzyńska. The idea for the humming toys came from life itself, more specifically from her son’s teething stage. Falling asleep without the soothing sound of the dryer was almost impossible. That is when the project of creating a soothing noise in a friendly form for a baby was born.

The baby hummer is a very simple toy with 5 different noises, including the sound of the mother’s heartbeat and a quiet sound imitating foetal water.

There are other humming cuddly toys currently on the market, namely the Whisbear Teddy Bear and the Mom’s Care Octopus. Each of these cuddles has a CrySensor, which is a sensor that distinguishes the baby’s cry from other sounds and in response emits a friendly and calming baby noise

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The effect of humming toys on a toddler

The aforementioned toys emit different types of noises that are designed to lull a toddler to sleep. Many audiologists recommend using these cuddly toys away from the baby’s head. Sounds that are too loud can damage hearing, so the noise should be very quiet.

Neonatologists have a very positive opinion of humming toys. Doctors in Neonatal Pathology encourage parents to stimulate their babies with their help. This is confirmed by the presence of cuddly toys in many infant incubators in the NICU and other departments.

Noisy baby – the first humming toy on the market

Shumis can be purchased in several different versions, which differ in price, size and functions. Currently available on the market is:

1. Shumis the Head- has 5 different types of noises and is the smallest of all,

2. Baby Scream Mascot- it can also be used as a cuddly toy,

3. Szumiś mascot boy or girl – has the CrySensor, which means that in response to the baby’s cry the mascot switches on and emits soothing noises.

Recently we also sell big mascots of Szumisii, which have functions of an electronic nanny and alarm. The parent receives a signal through a special application that his child is awake.

Whisbear bear – a toy with many awards

The Whisbear teddy bear has received a positive opinion from the Institute of Mother and Child and, among others, the “Kind+ Jugend Innovation Award” awarded in Cologne in 2016.

In addition, the cuddly bear is OEKO TEX certified, a product that is safe for your little one and the environment. Each Whisbear teddy bear is equipped with a built-in CRYSensor, which recognizes the baby’s cry and in response emits a calming hum, making it easier to fall asleep. The toy generates sound for up to 40 minutes. In addition, the mascot’s elongated paws are equipped with magnets, so that the teddy bear can be attached to the rungs of the crib.

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Mom’s Car Octopus – a safe toy

The whispering octopus is a product of Hencz Toys company. This toy also has a CRYSensor, which when the baby cries, makes a sound similar to the sound of fetal water or mom’s heartbeat. When the little one hears the familiar sounds, it quiets down and falls asleep again. The octopus focuses baby’s attention with colorful stripes that provide the perfect stimulation for his visual development.

Noisy toys that work wonders!

Think humming toys are overrated? Not at all! According to a survey conducted on the website MjakMama, up to 97% of parents noticed an improvement in the quality of their children’s sleep after using a humming cuddly toy. These types of toys turn out to be a great companion for every toddler, from the very first days of his life.

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