First breast pump – what to look for when buying?
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First breast pump – what to look for when buying?

A breast pump is nowadays an indispensable device for a complete layette. It is used to express milk in a situation when you cannot give it directly from the breast or when there is a lot of milk. It is worth having it to make your life with your baby easier. But what should you look for when buying one?

1. The type of breast pump

The first thing you need to think about is whether you want a manual or an electric one. Electric breast pumps are obviously much more convenient to use; you just put the device on your breast, choose the suction power, and it will do all the work. This option is more expensive than a manual breast pump, but it saves a lot of time and nerves. The manual breast pump, in turn, is quiet and easy to clean, but using it is quite laborious. That is why such breast pumps are rarely bought nowadays. It can be a good solution only for women who express breast milk occasionally

2. Comfort of use

It is worth betting on a breast pump which will be quiet in use. This is a very important aspect when you have a newborn at home and you do not want to wake him up with the loud work of the device. If you have such a possibility, go to a store where you can test a given model and check how loud it is. Another consideration is size. It is best if the device is small; then it is easy to take it with you if you go away. Also, a bulky and large breast pump can be uncomfortable to use. It often takes a long time to express breast milk and holding a device that is too heavy can be uncomfortable

3. Power supply

Another thing you should pay attention to is the built-in battery. It is worth choosing such a device that can be recharged using a USB cable. This ensures that the breast pump will always be ready for use, you will not have to worry about buying batteries or the proximity of an electrical outlet. And if it gets discharged, there’s nothing stopping you from using it while it’s plugged into the charger. This option is also much more convenient for travel. You can use the charged device outside your home

4. Adjustable power level

For maximum convenience, you should choose a model that has an adjustable power level. The breast pump should imitate your baby’s sucking rhythm, which consists of two stages. The first few minutes are quick and shallow sucking, stimulating the flow of milk. It becomes active when you put your baby to the breast or even when you hear him crying. When feeding, after a while you may notice a change in your baby’s sucking rhythm. You will notice that your baby’s sucking rhythm changes after a while. Only a breast pump that mimics these two phases will provide you with the greatest comfort and will not cause pain. Expressing milk should not be painful or uncomfortable. If this is the case, think about changing to a softer model

5. Funnel

The last criterion should be the funnel that you use to feed your breast. Pay attention to whether it is possible to change it and whether the manufacturer offers different sizes. This is important because the size of the funnel should match the size of your nipple. In most models, the size is universal, but it is worth remembering that every woman is different, has a different body structure. An improperly sized funnel can cause many problems. With too large a size, the skin surrounding the nipple will wrinkle and pull inwards, in turn, too small a size will cause pinching and even bruising of the nipple. The end result may be that you are unable to pump, causing unnecessary irritation and stress.

There are several factors to bear in mind when deciding on a particular model. This will help you to choose the perfect model for your needs, one that is comfortable to use and will last a long time. If you are not able to choose the right model on your own, it is worth asking for advice of an experienced lactation consultant, who will look at your breasts and suggest what size of a funnel and which breast pump will be best for you

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