Natural methods of supporting lactation
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Natural methods of supporting lactation

Minor or major difficulties with the amount of milk is a common problem for many newly mothers. Fortunately, there are effective ways to support lactation. First of all, however, it must be remembered that the process of rebuilding or increasing lactation should always be conducted under the supervision of a specialist. An experienced lactation consultant / advisor will be perfect.

What is lactation?

It is simply the production and flow of milk. It takes place properly when two hormones work: prolactin and oxytocin. Lack of lactation is usually a problem caused by illness or medications taken, sometimes it is due to physiological factors, but this is rare. It is important to remember that the female body was designed by nature so that the baby could be fed

Hormone reflexes responsible for lactation

Oxytocin reflex – this is the milk flow reflex. When the baby sucks the breast, nerves send information to the hypothalamus and the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland. Oxytocin is released from the lobe, and this stimulates the muscle cells, prompting them to contract, which translates into an outflow of milk.

Prolactin reflex – in this case we are dealing with the food production reflex. Oxytocin is responsible for its outflow, the final phase. However, let us look at the initial stage of production. Everything begins very similarly to the oxytocin reflex. Information about the need for food reaches the pituitary lobe by a similar route. The pituitary gland also secretes prolactin, which stimulates the milk follicles to produce milk.

How to naturally stimulate lactation?

We have gathered several proven ways to naturally stimulate milk production in a breastfeeding mother. These solutions are recommended by specialists, effective and one hundred percent safe:

The right psychological approach of the mother

Supporting the lactation process should start with working on yourself. Proper motivation and, first of all, mother’s willingness to breastfeed are the most important factors. Rest and, of course, avoidance of stress are also necessary for this. Moreover, it should be remembered that an increase in prolactin is observed when a breastfeeding mother feels love, compassion or gratitude. This is mentioned by many women who have already breastfed. Many lactation consultants also confirm this.

Imaginative work

A powerful step to stimulating lactation is to use your imagination. During feeding, imagine yourself through the eyes of the person next to you and your baby. You can also think of a “waterfall of milk,” as lactation consultants call it – as lactation consultants call it. Positive imagery can do a lot.

Hold your baby skin-to-skin while feeding

This is a method that’s used in the delivery room to help new mothers and newborns calm down a bit after giving birth. It also works great during breastfeeding. Mom’s scent stimulates the toddler to suckle the breast, so he does so more often. Reaching for the breast more often is a natural boost to lactation.

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Look at pictures of breastfeeding mothers

Motivate yourself by looking at pictures of breastfeeding mothers, which you can easily find on the internet. This will set your mind on producing milk. Do this while you are breastfeeding, too, if you find it hard to imagine the “waterfall of milk” mentioned above

Soothing sounds of nature

The peaceful sounds of nature are good medicine for everything! Relaxing birdsong, the sound of the sea or calm music will be a great way to unwind. These help to improve lactation. You can also listen to the sound of a river or waterfall while breastfeeding

Lactation teas

The last way is to drink lactation teas. Lactation mixtures can affect the quality of milk produced. They slightly change its taste and increase the amount of milk. This will make your baby more likely to suckle at the breast, which will also naturally stimulate lactation.

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