At what week is it safe to tell others about the pregnancy?
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At what week is it safe to tell others about the pregnancy?

Many women feel like shouting out the happy news to the world as soon as they find out they are pregnant. However, it turns out that it is better to wait a bit. So when to tell about it?

Usually ladies (but also gentlemen!), as soon as they see two magic lines on a pregnancy test, they want to inform about this fact everyone around. The news about pregnancy is very joyful, it is associated with great emotions. Especially if the parents-to-be had to wait a while to conceive a child

When to tell the family that you are getting bigger?

It is generally said that it is best to inform your surroundings about the pregnancy at the end of the first trimester, which lasts 13 weeks. The main point is that this is when the risk of miscarriage is reduced. This is the main reason why you should hold off on announcing the good news to everyone around you.

Miscarriages happen very frequently, and the less people know about your pregnancy, the fewer questions you will have about your health and well-being later on, which can only worsen your mental state. Losing a baby is a huge experience that is hard to deal with. That is why it is best to talk about the blessed state after the 12th week of pregnancy. Studies show that up to 80% of miscarriages occur just by this time.

At the beginning of pregnancy, it is best to tell a few of the closest people. Of course, this is an individual issue for each pregnant woman. Some are unable to hide their joy, and still others talk about their condition only when the belly is already noticeable.

What about your friends?

Some people tell their friends at the same time as family, others – much later. Here, too, there is no rule, but also in this case it is best to do it in the second trimester. It is certainly worth informing close friends at the same time, for example, during a joint meeting

You can do this in many different ways e.g. serving a cake with baby shoes on top, or arranging cards on plates with the words “you’re going to be an auntie/uncle” etc. It is not a good idea to inform friends about the pregnancy at intervals, as it may happen that they do not find out about it from us, but from other friends, and they may later resent us for it.

And when to tell your employer?

Women often fear how their employer will react to the news that they are expecting a baby and will therefore not be working for months. It turns out, however, that unnecessarily, because many superiors are aware that such an incident may take place and count with it.

Some women are afraid that after the maternity leave their current job will still be waiting for them. If you are a good employee, you can be sure that your boss will wait patiently for your return

If our work poses a threat to the child (involves great exertion, contact with chemicals, etc.) and we have to go on leave, it is best to notify the employer of the blessed state as soon as possible

Otherwise, there is no reason to rush. It is best to tell once we are already in the second trimester of pregnancy, which is considered safer. It is also important that we tell our supervisor about the pregnancy ourselves. If such information reaches the boss from third parties, he may hold a grudge against us, which will translate into later relations at work. And these, as we know, should be as good as possible.

A pregnant woman is protected by law. Therefore it is worth reading about it before talking to your employer, so that you are aware of what you are entitled to. One thing is certain – until the end of maternity leave, he can not terminate the employment contract with us (unless he declares bankruptcy or liquidation).

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