Hospital bag – accessories for the future mother, which you can not forget
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Hospital bag – accessories for the future mother, which you can not forget

The birth of a child is associated with great emotions. You need to prepare yourself well for this moment. One of the most important things to remember is your hospital bag – what should it contain?

When the two magic lines appear on the pregnancy test many parents-to-be go into a frenzy of happiness. Then the time for preparation begins. Parents complete the layette for the baby, decorate the room and often look for information on how to care for the newborn. One of the basic things they should do a month before the birth of their offspring is to pack a hospital bag. It should contain everything a woman might need freshly after giving birth.

Pack your bag a few weeks before the birth

The hospital bag should be packed a few weeks before the birth of the baby. You never know when and under what circumstances the birth will begin. Sometimes, some babies decide to come into the world before the doctor’s due date. At that time, there is usually no time to pack the most necessary things, which means that in the hospital you may find that the young mother is missing the basic accessories.

Remember your documents

The bag you take with you to the hospital should include your documents. Therefore, in a separate pocket (so that they do not get damaged under the accessories or clothes) you should put your identity card or other identity document, pregnancy card and ultrasound examination, results of examinations that have been carried out in recent months – blood group determination, virological tests, blood count, urine test, HIV test or blood test for infectious hepatitis antigen

It is a good idea to put everything in a T-shirt or folder and keep it organized so that you can quickly find the right document if needed

Things for the birth

Your bag should contain the things you will need during your stay in hospital. Two nightgowns, a bathrobe, and slippers will definitely come in handy. You may also want to bring a longer, unbuttoned sweater. You will also need maternity pads or XXL towels, because a woman bleeds a lot during confinement.

It is also worth buying special postpartum panties, which are made of delicate, breathable mesh and breast pads (at the beginning the milk may leak from the breast). You will also need tissues and basic cosmetics, such as shampoo, body gel, face cream, lip balm, conditioner, toothpaste and a toothbrush. In addition, the bag should include a towel. It’s also a good idea to bring a refreshing mist or tonic so that you can wash your face and refresh yourself a bit when you need to

A hair brush or comb, headband, rubber band or other accessories that you use every day will also come in handy. A phone charger is also one of the things you may want to have on hand as you will be reaching for it often to announce the birth of your baby and to take photos of the first moments of life!

Hospital food is not always the tastiest, so it’s also a good idea to pack some of your favourite waffles and water to drink. As a rule, a new mother stays with her child in the hospital for 2-3 days, if everything is fine. This is the time when she lies down a lot, and the baby sleeps most of the day. In order not to be bored, it is worth having an mp3 player or headphones for your phone, to listen to music, and a book or tablet to pass the time.

When leaving the hospital

You should also pack everything you will need in your bag when you leave the hospital. Your clothes should be appropriate for the weather outside

It is also worth remembering that after giving birth you will not immediately regain the same figure as the one you had 9 months before. That is why it is worth taking looser clothes, e.g. a tunic and tights. Shoes should be comfortable, and your purse should be a little bigger, so that you can put samples of baby cosmetics, leaflets and guides about newborn care, which you will probably get in the hospital

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