School starter kit – how to complete it not to overpay?
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School starter kit – how to complete it not to overpay?

Backpack, notebooks, pens, paints, writing pad, slippers – all that and much more is needed for students. School supplies can (but don’t have to!) put a big strain on your budget. Use our tricks to avoid it!

A school supply plan is essential!

As always, a good plan is the first key to success. Don’t go to the first store you see and put random products that catch your eye.

Compare this to grocery shopping – it’s much easier with a list, and when you don’t have one, you buy on the spur of the moment, without thinking, and often not even what you actually need.

So make a thorough layette list, while checking last year’s accessories. It may turn out that there are a few notebooks left, a new set of crayons, a whole block or a new T-shirt for gymnastics.

Where to complete the school kit?

School supplies, depending on the needs and age of the child, can really put a significant strain on the household budget. In addition to the list, analyze the store where you decide to do your shopping. Many stores offer attractive discounts and rebates on school supplies and accessories.

Additionally, online stores and bookstores have a very wide offer. This type of shopping is encouraged not only by lower prices, but also by the availability of products. Usually it is several times greater than anywhere stationary. There is also no need to be afraid that your order will arrive too late – the delivery is usually on the second or third day.

Look for used textbooks

For years, the most expensive item in a school kit were textbooks. Now most students get them free of charge. But if that’s not the case at your child’s school, then look for second-hand books.

Students in older grades advertise on social media, auction sites or online bookstores and antique stores. Sometimes you can also find them around school and at local fairs.

Use common sense

When shopping for school supplies, as with any other shopping, you may get carried away. Especially when there are colorful, visually appealing things around. You better think twice before you put something in your basket, whether virtual or real.

Don’t skimp on a good quality backpack, one that is properly shaped and relieves the strain on your child’s back. But don’t spend a lot of money on pens, erasers or coloring pads. There is also no need to buy branded gym clothes.

By the way, watch out for products with cartoon characters. These are often several times more expensive than their standard counterparts. It may turn out that the child will quickly lose fascination with them and, for example, will have to continue using a pencil case or shoes. If you already want to make a little fan happy, go for a compromise – just buy a small thing with your favorite character, for example, a pen, notebook or shoe bag.

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