How do you encourage your child to spend time outside in the winter?
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How do you encourage your child to spend time outside in the winter?

Children are spending more and more time in front of computers and other electronic devices. Out of concern for their health, remote learning was introduced during the pandemic, making it even harder to encourage them to be active outside

This can be seen especially in the winter when most of our kids prefer to sit indoors. How to encourage your child to go outside?

Winter outings as a great form of recreation

Winter is the ideal time to go out together with your child or to take part in winter sports as a family. Regular exercise is essential for health and well-being, so it’s a good idea to reinforce these good habits from an early age.

If the child is small, it is worth going for a family walk to the forest or park. Such an adventure may turn out to be an unforgettable experience for him, thanks to the beautiful winter scenery. When going for a walk in the park, it’s a good idea to take some seeds with you to feed the birds – this will be an added attraction especially for younger toddlers.

Winter sports to the rescue!

Older children should be encouraged to participate in winter sports. Ice skating is very similar to roller skating, so those who skate well will also do well on the ice. Teenagers should be encouraged to skate with their peers.

A great way to get teens outdoors is to go skiing or snowboarding. Many kids want to learn to ski, so it’s a good idea to take advantage of this to spend some active time outside.

For those who like hiking a great form of activity will be winter trips to the mountains. During such trips, our kids will see the mountain landscape in the winter version. However, this form of winter activity is only for youngsters from about 8 years old.

Family winter fun

Weekends and afternoons are the perfect time to play outside together. Being outdoors in the winter has a lot of health benefits. In the winter, you can actively spend time together at:

  • making snowmen,
  • snowball fights,
  • competitions to see who can make the biggest snowball,
  • a winter bonfire,
  • winter photo shoot,
  • making “angels” in the snow,
  • building an igloo,
  • making frosty winter bubbles.

All these games can be organized completely free of charge, without the need to buy unnecessary accessories.

If in the family and among your closest friends there are a lot of children, it is worth organizing a sleigh ride for them, which will certainly make a lot of fun, both younger and older kids.

Sledding or sledding on a sack with hay

It’s hard to find a person who has never been sledding. In villages and small towns, the greatest joy is often sliding down on a sack stuffed with hay. Nowadays children prefer the apple, which is a small downhill slide. Such winter accessories can be purchased for as little as a dozen zlotys in a supermarket.

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