How to dress your child during hot weather?
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How to dress your child during hot weather?

The long-awaited summer has arrived. We take advantage of it as much as we can, most often sitting by the water with our children. How to dress a toddler during hot weather?

Most parents are waiting for the sun and beautiful weather. After the not-so-warm spring they probably hope that their children will not catch so many viruses with the coming of summer. However, high temperatures are associated with another risk, namely overheating of the child. How to prevent this and properly dress a toddler during hot weather? We suggest how to take care of clothing and comfort of the child in the summer.

Hot weather – a danger for the toddler

It is not only us adults who are uncomfortable with temperatures reaching 30 degrees plus. Children, especially newborns and babies several months old, do not like hot weather either. High temperature causes irritability or lack of appetite in them. One of the most important elements in such weather is appropriate clothing. It will be different from the one we wear when we stay at home

A toddler on a walk

When choosing clothes for the baby for spring and summer days, parents should pay attention to the material of clothing. The better the fabric, the greater the freedom. Clothes made of natural materials, such as linen or cotton, allow the skin to breathe. In the summer, avoid clothing made of artificial fabrics, as the child may suffer from irritation (perspiration) or burns. Another thing is to choose the right color and size of clothes. Clothes that are too small will squeeze, while those that are too dark will attract the sun’s rays more strongly. Opt for light colors, preferably beige or white

When going for a walk or simply spending time outside during hot weather, protect your child’s head first! When out in the sun, they should wear a baseball cap, kerchief or hat to protect their eyes and face

Babies will feel most comfortable wearing a simple short-sleeved or strapless bodysuit. Avoid socks or long shorts and blouses. A baby who sits in a stroller will certainly be warm, so forgo the cap and blanket that you cover him with while he sleeps. You can use a light flannel diaper to cover him while he sleeps. If the weather gets colder, keep a sweater or sweatshirt on hand. Do not dress the baby too thickly, because you can do more harm than good. A sweaty baby is at risk of being blown away by a light gust of wind. Running around in just a romper suit will not hurt him.

When the child is at home

When you are at home during the day, your baby can also wear a romper or a romper suit. Nothing will happen to him if he even lies down in just a diaper. The same applies at night. He can sleep in a romper or just a diaper, covered with a light cloth. When a baby sleeps like an adult, it sweats. Of course, be careful with any air conditioners and ventilating the apartment, because you can give your baby a cold.

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