Can erectile dysfunction affect fertility?
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Can erectile dysfunction affect fertility?

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Low libido, hormonal diseases, infertility – these are the problems that are most often discussed in the context of women. However, as it turns out, these types of ailments also affect many men. Erectile dysfunction is often their symptom.

A taboo subject

The desire to enlarge the family is a dream of many couples. It is socially accepted that in this topic all the attention is focused on women. It is in the context of women that we most often hear about hormonal imbalance, inability to get pregnant or lack of desire for sex. Although greater interest in mothers-to-be is in a way natural, after all it is they who will be carrying the child under their heart for nine months, we cannot forget about men. In their case, one of the most common problems is erectile dysfunction.

Erectile problems and infertility

Erectile problems do not necessarily mean infertility, although of course they are quite an important obstacle when trying to have a baby. As a result of erectile dysfunction it is impossible to have sexual intercourse, and thus also to impregnate a woman. However, it is a mistake to equate erectile problems with infertility – infertility refers to parameters related to semen, so erectile dysfunction does not necessarily mean that a man is infertile.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is very often a warning signal from the body. Difficult erection may be a sign of developing atherosclerosis, problems with the cardiovascular system or diabetes. Therefore, it is so important to immediately see a doctor, who will be able to determine the cause of the problem. In this case, the appropriate support of the partner turns out to be very important – many men ignore this type of problem, fearing social ostracism.

It is often the case that erectile problems are caused by a poor lifestyle. Chronic stress, lack of sleep, poorly diversified diet and lack of exercise can effectively hinder efforts to have a child. In this context it is also worth remembering about often underestimated psychological problems. Couples, who for a long time unsuccessfully wish to enlarge their family, impose enormous pressure on themselves. Social and cultural stereotypes often put all the responsibility connected with conception on men. Erectile problems are then associated with a damaging stereotype of unmanliness, which negatively affects self-esteem and effectively deprives of any joy from an intimacy with a partner. Then it is worthwhile to seek advice from a psychologist or sexologist.


Regardless of what is the root of the problem, it is very important that a man struggling with erectile dysfunction see a specialist. Thanks to this it will be possible not only to diagnose his condition, but also to exclude or detect early many serious diseases. The doctor may also write a prescription for any of the popular medications, such as viagra or kamagra. Thanks to this the problem of erectile dysfunction will be quickly solved and the partners will be able to return to trying for a child. If any abnormalities are detected, consultation with a specialist will be a two-pronged approach – the doctor will not only focus on eliminating the symptoms – in this case, erectile dysfunction – but also address the disease that led to the said problems.

Fortunately, in many cases, it is enough to rest, change the lifestyle and find the former joy of sex, which disappeared with the decision to make intensive efforts to have a child.


It is worth remembering that erectile dysfunction affects younger and younger men – although the ailments themselves may have a variety of causes, the decision to expand the family should also be followed by extensive testing of both partners, which will allow for early detection of any diseases or abnormalities. This will help avoid disappointment and embitterment associated with long and unsuccessful efforts.

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