Can you breastfeed while pregnant?
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Can you breastfeed while pregnant?

Are you still breastfeeding your little one and got pregnant again? Don’t worry – you don’t have to stop lactation. The milk is still wholesome, and breastfeeding is not harmful to the fetus. Learn more and get rid of your worries!

Pregnancy while breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is the best thing you can give your baby in terms of health. It’s also a beautiful experience, and usually mother and baby love these moments together. However, what about when you get pregnant again? Do you have to stop breastfeeding? This is the dilemma many young mothers face. Rest assured – another pregnancy is not an indication to stop breastfeeding. You can do it for the whole 9 months, and after the solution, if you want, feed in tandem. Many moms, due to another pregnancy, end the adventure of breastfeeding, but this is their choice. 

Breastfeeding during pregnancy

It is well known that a pregnant woman worries about the health of her unborn baby and wonders what factors can cause a miscarriage. The good news is that breastfeeding during pregnancy is definitely not one of such factors. Just as it won’t cause early labor or any fetal defects. Pregnancy during lactation has no major risks, on one condition – that it is not at risk. If this is the case, consult your health care provider.

Does mom’s milk lose its properties and change its taste during pregnancy?

This question also spends sleep in the minds of pregnant women nursing an older child. Does milk lose its health properties during lactation in a pregnant woman? Absolutely not. The only thing is that it may slightly change its taste at a later stage of pregnancy through the hormonal storm in the mother’s body. This is the point at which babies are able to give up the breast on their own, because the milk simply stops tasting good to them. This doesn’t have to be the case, but it can, so be prepared for it.

Contraindications to breastfeeding during pregnancy

Are there specific situations when you definitely can’t breastfeed during pregnancy? As we mentioned earlier, this is the case in the case of a pregnancy at risk. If you complain of painful uterine cramps, bleeding and spotting, or your previous pregnancies ended in miscarriage, you should consult your health care provider immediately. 

Above all, take care of yourself

The most important thing, however, is for the mother-to-be to take care of herself. Pregnancy and nursing an older child can be exhausting, so focus on your diet and well-being. If you feel that this situation is beyond your strength, it’s a signal to quit. It is important to make weaning as stress-free as possible for the older child. You need to explain a lot to him and show closeness in other ways – everything will be fine!

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