How to care for baby’s first teeth?
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How to care for baby’s first teeth?

Children’s teeth require systematic and thorough prophylaxis from their parents. Daily oral hygiene of the toddler will positively influence the condition of his teeth in the future. By the first birthday the infant will not have many teeth, but it is worth knowing how to take care of them.

Washing the baby’s gums

If you think that brushing the gums before the appearance of the teeth is unnecessary, you are wrong! Although you can’t see them, the teeth are already in the baby’s mouth. Although food or milk debris has no way to build up on the teeth, it does coat the gums and tongue, which is how bacteria begin to multiply. Gum brushing is also needed to get your infant accustomed to having his or her mouth cleaned, this will prove helpful when you start brushing your baby’s teeth with a toothbrush. Another advantage of this activity is that it negates the risk of developing thrush in the mouth. It is a good idea to wash the gums in the morning and in the evening. For this purpose, use a gauze pad soaked in lukewarm, boiled water. You can also use chamomile solution, but be careful, because it can lead to an allergic reaction. Wrap the swab around your index finger and gently rub your baby’s gums.

How to clean the baby’s first teeth?

To clean your baby’s first teeth you can use a silicone toothbrush that you put on your finger. It is very comfortable to use and, what is important, it is also very gentle to the teeth. When your child grows older and develops more teeth, use a normal toothbrush. It should be made of soft bristles; the package of such a product contains information on the age recommendations for your child. Do not use toothpaste too often; it is enough to soak the toothbrush in lukewarm water. Only when there are more milk teeth, use the toothpaste, but in small amounts (just the size of a peppercorn on the toothbrush).

Diet and drinks

A good diet for your baby is very important, and avoid sugar! A lot of sugar is hidden in many different products, so refrain from giving your child sweets, which can lead to the appearance of caries. Drink only water, and sometimes natural juices. At night, give only water. Instead of sweet snacks, choose healthy fruit.

How many times a day should I brush my baby’s teeth?

Brush your baby’s first teeth twice a day, gently brushing on all sides. Also remember about the tongue, which also accumulates bacteria. There is no need to rinse your baby’s mouth afterwards. Remember to replace the toothbrush regularly, as soon as you notice the first signs of wear. It is not necessary to floss the child’s teeth as the gaps between teeth are large enough for the toothbrush to easily clean all the places. Flossing is recommended for older children who already have all their milk teeth well attached to each other, then this procedure will help to clean the teeth more thoroughly.

Why is it so important to brush baby teeth?

Wondering why it is so important to brush baby teeth, of which there are not many? First of all, by the fact that the child over time begins to treat it as a natural activity. So, as a parent you teach your child that teeth are a very important part of the oral cavity and should be properly taken care of. The infant becomes accustomed to the interference in the oral cavity, so that in the future they do not feel as much fear of visiting the dentist. Also, remember the importance of setting a good example for your child. Parents should also take care of their teeth to teach their child the right habits.

Checking the condition of teeth at the dentist

There is no need to go to a pediatric dentist the moment your toddler’s first tooth appears. Doctors recommend the first dental check-up only after the child is 1 year old. Proper prevention and follow-up visits to the dentist will help protect your child from tooth decay

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