Eco-friendly toys for kids. What to opt for?
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Eco-friendly toys for kids. What to opt for?

Play is most responsible for the harmonious and comprehensive development of the child. Therefore, it is so important to choose the right toys for the age of the toddler. In stores you can find a lot of ecological toys that have a harmonious effect on the child. What ecological toys will be best for the child?

Criteria for a safe ecological toy

Many parents find it difficult to specify the meaning of the word “safe” in relation to toys. Such toys have to meet many standards in order to receive a safety certification. However, many safety features of eco-friendly toys can be verified by the parent himself. When buying such toys for a child, it is worth paying attention to:

  • age designation,
  • the raw materials that were used to manufacture these toys,
  • shape and form of toys, which are to ensure safe play without injury,
  • durability and resistance to mechanical damage,
  • approvals and certificates.

Why choose ecological toys for children?

It is worth choosing ecological toys for children because:

  • they are made only of natural raw materials,
  • they do not cause allergies in children,
  • ecological materials are among the most durable,
  • they are very simple in their construction,
  • they are visually attractive,
  • give unlimited possibilities for play,
  • give the possibility for creative play,
  • do not stimulate the child – they are not interactive,
  • inspire to plan their own play.

Wooden toys for children

The choice of wooden toys for different age groups is very large, you can choose from a variety of wooden gadgets for boys and girls. Some of the most popular wooden toys include:

  • blocks,
  • number stamps,
  • beads with letters,
  • colorful beads for stringing,
  • dominoes,
  • cymbals,
  • sorter,
  • wooden puzzles,
  • wooden wheels,
  • a wooden abacus,
  • a board with fractions,
  • puppets.

Ecological material toys

Material toys are associated primarily with rag dolls. However, material eco-toys are not only popular dolls, but also:

  • books,
  • mats,
  • puppets,
  • eco-mascots.

Top 7 most popular eco-toys

Wooden blocks

Wooden blocks are a great choice for every child from 1 year old. They can be played with by boys and girls. For older children you can choose wooden blocks with a theme or magnets – the child can spend hours on creative play.

Wooden teething toys for babies

Wooden baby teethers are increasingly popular among young moms. Such a teether is a great alternative to a silicone or plastic teether. Wooden teethers are not made of any toxic substances (such as BPA) and are easy to clean

Wooden sorts

Wooden sorters can be found in various shapes and colors. This toy is great for developing baby’s fine motor skills and coordination.

Cardboard houses to paint

Thanks to such a toy, a child develops its creativity. The house can be painted in different patterns and colors. When it is ready, it is very common for children to play “house” in it.

Organic cotton dolls

A rag doll is a great replacement for a fake Barbie doll. Girls love to cuddle with a rag doll. Such a toy can become the most faithful friend of your kid.

Wooden kitchen with accessories

Children very often imitate their parents when playing at cooking. A wooden stove with accessories is the perfect toy in such a situation. Playing at cooking stimulates your child’s creative thinking.

Wooden vehicles

Recently, wooden vehicles have become increasingly popular:

  • airplanes,
  • tractors,
  • cars.

Wooden vehicles are solidly made, so your child will be able to play with them for a long time

Eco-friendly toys are a great alternative to traction toys made of metal and plastic. Toys made from natural products stimulate your child’s creativity for interesting play.

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