Blanket, cone and sleeping bag. Which accessories are worth investing in to ensure your child a peaceful sleep?
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Blanket, cone and sleeping bag. Which accessories are worth investing in to ensure your child a peaceful sleep?

There are quite a few items of basic baby layette on the market, and you may be starting to wonder what purchases you will really need. A cocoon, a cone or maybe a sleeping bag? What is definitely worth investing in, taking care of your baby’s comfortable sleep?

Attractive baby cocoons – in what situations are they the best?

The main thing is to take care of the baby’s safety and provide optimal comfort during sleep. Recently, the so-called baby cocoons, also called nests, have gained popularity. It is a kind of mattress with raised edges. A child lying in it feels pleasantly wrapped up. Cocoons are eagerly used by parents when the baby sleeps with them in bed. More and more often this type of nest is also used in infant cribs. Remember, however, not to leave the baby in the cocoon unattended. The safest sleep for your child is provided when there are no unnecessary pillows, protectors, mascots or high edges of the nest near its head. The cocoon will serve you well every day as a portable place of rest and play for the baby. Thanks to such equipment the baby can always be with you

Pay attention to the sockets with anti-allergic filling. Adjusting the cocoon with a string allows the children in the first weeks of life to create conditions as similar as possible to those before the day of birth. In case of older and more mobile babies, for safety reasons it is best not to use the cocoon in an open version. This will allow the baby’s legs to move freely. The cocoons available on the market today are characterized by particularly attractive design and constitute a dream decoration of every child’s room

Baby cone – still one of the most frequently purchased elements of layette

Baby cones are often required by hospitals, mandatory equipment of a baby right after birth. Recommended by experienced midwives, swaddling blankets provide a sense of security for the child and make the first weeks of life outside the womb much more pleasant. The principle of their action is to wrap your baby tightly. Thanks to that the baby feels similar to the one in mom’s belly. It is very important to pay attention to high quality fabrics of wraps. The best choice for this role will be soft, providing warmth, anti-allergenic cotton, extremely safe for the delicate infant’s skin. The blanket will also protect the baby from scratching its face

Blankets can be successfully used in the first weeks of life during sleep. The swaddling blankets are also perfect in gondolas during strolls. If, due to lack of experience, you are afraid to carry your baby in a swaddling blanket, it is necessary to invest in a padded cone, for example with a coconut mat. Such practical filling may be easily removed from the swaddling blanket when needed and before washing. Choose velcro-fastened swaddling blankets which are safe for the baby and have no strings attached. Double-sided wraps belong to the most stylish ones

It is commonly believed that cones are useful only in the first weeks of baby’s life. It is not entirely true, because in the case of older children cones may serve as soft crib bases, a comforter or a mat to play on the floor. Even older babies will enjoy using them for a variety of creative play, including wrapping dolls and mascots. So don’t get rid of your romper bag too early

Sleeping bag – the optimal choice after saying goodbye to the baby blanket

If you notice that the baby is already starting to grow out of the cone, is very mobile and often moves within the crib, it is high time to get interested in a functional sleeping bag. Such vests, which are sewn together at the bottom and fastened with a zipper, are designed to calm the baby and create comfortable conditions for him to rest. Sleeping bags are also very safe and the baby can sleep peacefully in them at night in its crib

Another valuable function is to keep the baby warm during colder days. In their case there is no risk that the baby will uncover itself and get cold. However, remember not to overheat your baby. If the sleeping bag is insulated, it is enough to put on only a bodysuit without legs. In winter warm sleeping bags with sleeves that can be removed if necessary are a good choice. Always pay attention to the thickness of the material and adapt the best option to the general conditions of your home. Children grow quickly. So get sleeping bags that are quite long and preferably in a slightly larger size. There are also sleeping bags on the market that are adjustable in length. When the child grows, you simply unfasten the buttons and you can continue to use the sleeping bag while the child sleeps.

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