What to look for when choosing a baby stroller?
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What to look for when choosing a baby stroller?

Are you about to buy a stroller for your first child? This is no small challenge. Size and ease of folding and carrying are just a few features you should consider. Find out what else is important when choosing a baby stroller.

A big decision

For the first few years of its life, a baby spends a lot of time in a stroller. So it should be comfortable, functional, and relatively inexpensive, so it doesn’t eat into your budget. Here are some characteristics of a quality baby stroller. Pay attention to them when you buy!

source: YouTube(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7lYGGybsKk)


The first item is the wheels. You’ll need to consider what your needs are and the terrain you’ll be moving on most often. Small, foam wheels with great torsional mobility are the ideal choice for smooth sidewalks in cities. However, if you spend most of your time in a small town or outside the city, where the quality of roads and sidewalks leaves a lot to be desired – choose wheels with a slightly larger diameter. Large, pumped wheels will allow you to overcome uneven roads with ease. They also provide better shock absorption. In addition, the wheels on the stroller should be removable. This makes them easier to clean and to transport.


The lighter the baby stroller, the more mobile it is. Carrying it will not be a problem. The lighter the weight, the more mobile the baby stroller will be, and the lighter the weight, the easier it will be to transport. Commercially available baby strollers weigh from 8 to as much as 25 kilograms. If you live in an apartment building that doesn’t have an elevator, choose a lightweight model. Looking for durability? Go for a slightly heavier model.


A sturdy one, thick enough and made of high-quality aluminum or another metal alloy. It should have the option to fold down to a smaller size. It will be easier to transport, even if it is relatively heavy. If the frame is designed with a basket, you should be able to put your shopping in it, rather than having to hold it in your hands while pushing the stroller.

Additional accessories

Do you love to go for a walk at any time of the year? This paragraph is for you. Your stroller should have a few basic extras to make it easier to use. First and foremost, a spacious bag that you can place on the handle of the stroller. It will hold a lot of baby supplies. A basket under the seat also provides extra storage space. If the baby stroller has a rain cover, extra footmuffs, insulated gloves that go over the handle in winter, or a bottle holder for water or other supplies, it is a good idea to add a rain cover. If these items are detachable, they’re easier to clean. You’ll see how convenient it is.

source: YouTube(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSdRQhlZgzQ)

What kind of stroller to choose?

Another aspect when choosing a stroller is its type. There are several versions available in stores in Poland:

  • 1-in-1 stroller – here we have either a stroller or a gondola without the possibility of changing. It is the safest choice, however, cumbersome when it comes to usage. It is made especially for one type of seat, which ensures its greater durability and guarantees attention to every detail. Nevertheless, it is a bit cumbersome and additionally requires an additional expense. When you buy a carrycot, you have to reckon with the purchase of a pram for a child who will be able to sit up independently after several months.
  • A2-in-1 baby carriage is a slightly more interesting solution. It offers the possibility of changing the seat from the carrycot to the pram and vice versa. It takes literally several seconds. Of course, this option involves additional movable elements in the stroller. Thus, it translates into slightly lower stability and durability. However, the convenience here is invaluable, plus you’ll only pay for the stroller once.
  • 3-in-1 stroller – if you are looking for a complete solution, this choice is perfect for you. Here you have a carrycot, a stroller, but also a carrier for the car. All elements can be fastened to the frame. This works great at the very beginning when your baby is still tiny. To put them in the stroller, you just need to take the carrier out of the car and attach it to the frame
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