What to pay attention to when buying sports shoes for your child?
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What to pay attention to when buying sports shoes for your child?

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Buying shoes for your child is a difficult matter. After all, we want the best for our kids, but the number of different products on the market can overwhelm anyone. What should you follow when buying sneakers?

What can you afford?

Start by determining the possibilities of your budget. If your kid doesn’t play sports as a hobby, buying shoes dedicated to a specific sport doesn’t make sense, especially if they cost more than 200 PLN. Although it’s necessary and even worth paying for good shoes, you don’t have to overpay for a product that you expect to throw in the garbage within a year. Therefore, plan your budget carefully and keep in mind that it will also be influenced by other factors important in the buying process.

Quality of construction

When choosing the right shoes for your child, the material of the product is very important. Pay attention to the season and the conditions in which your little one will wear his new shoes. Models for summer, should be made of breathable, airy material, so that the skin of the feet does not sweat too much. You can opt for shoes with a plastic upper if you plan to buy for the winter or if your child prefers indoor training. These shoes will also come in handy in poor weather conditions as they are usually waterproof.

Remember that no matter which footwear you decide on, the insole should always be made of natural and breathable materials, such as fabric or natural leather.

Another item to look out for when purchasing is whether the shoes creak when you walk. When exercising outdoors, such a defect may not bother you, but it becomes extremely troublesome when your child walks in athletic shoes around the house or at school.


If your child is involved in a particular sport, buy shoes that provide adequate support for muscles that are particularly vulnerable during the activity. For example, running shoes that are light enough and don’t weigh down the legs can be found at butomaniak.co.uk – so the participant won’t have to stop mid-run due to sore feet.

Equally important is to pay attention to whether the shoe is big enough to fit orthopedic inserts, if your little one requires them. Children with flat feet or a weak foot arch can wear shoes contoured to their needs instead of orthotics.

If you’re worried that your child will outgrow their new shoes quickly, choose shoes that are slightly larger so that there’s a bit of a gap between the inner tip and the big toe. This way, you won’t have to worry about being forced into another expensive expense soon. The ideal shoes should also be comfortable and not fall off

Your child’s personality

It is very important when choosing clothes for your child to respect his own tastes, provided of course that your little one does not make choices that are inappropriate for his age. Supporting his hobbies and preferences, we at the same time care for the development of his creativity and assertiveness – so that your child will feel from an early age that his opinion also counts.

Therefore, let him independently choose the model of shoes, which he likes. When you categorically disagree with something, explain to the toddler why you make such a decision. For example, if your child stubbornly wanted snow-white sneakers, don’t just say “no, because it’s not”. Instead, explain that white is a color that will become dirty and yellow very quickly, especially if your little one will be playing outdoor sports. This will help him understand your point of view without hurting his feelings or making your child feel misunderstood and discouraged to continue shopping.

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