Ideas for playing with children on rainy days
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Ideas for playing with children on rainy days

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Children play best in the fresh air, but sometimes it is impossible to leave the house, for example, because of rain. Then you need to organize some games, so that this time was spent nicely and wisely. Read, what proposals we have prepared

Interesting board games

Board games for children are still very popular. This is a great way to spend time together. Apart from the fact that it is brilliant fun, it also has a positive influence on development. It allows the child to gain new skills and additionally teaches how to solve some problems. Games really give a lot of possibilities. Some of them also teach cooperation and strategy building, but also healthy competition. Everything depends on the age and the type of board game chosen. And there are really a lot of them!

For slightly younger kids, you can buy, for example, a game that comes from their favorite fairy tale. Then the child will be more eager to play it and will be able to focus on it. This is definitely a better idea than spending a long time in front of a computer screen. Apart from that, such an activity perfectly trains patience, requires the child to listen carefully to the rules and wait for other players’ moves. It also gives motivation to focus and to come up with creative solutions. It allows you to use a longer time, so for rainy days it will be just perfect. You can find interesting board games and outdoor games in the online store: You have original and various versions available there, so you will surely find something for yourself and your kid. Haba produces family games together with editors, social workers and illustrators. As a result, they are very well thought out and influence your child’s development.

Creative activities

On rainy days, any creative activities that require your little one to be creative will also be perfect. The simplest of these is of course drawing and painting. However, sometimes this activity can get boring and not every child will want to participate. Another idea may be to create toys on your own. This is also an idea for family time, because then you will need a little help from an adult. This way you can also use items that you already have at home

For a smaller toddler, you can create a sensory board yourself. For example, you can place light switches, bells, strings, and materials with interesting textures on a wooden board. Playing like this allows your child to develop his creativity and imagination. If you have no idea what kind of toys you can create, then it is worth taking an interest in ready-made ones. Many of them also affect the development of creative thinking. For this purpose, you can buy, for example, Haba toys. We particularly recommend toys such as nailing puzzles, 3D puzzles, puppets for the theater, threading machines and motor boards

Educational games

It’s always a good idea to combine fun with education. This has more benefits than just occupying your free time. You might be interested in special sensory, language or research games. All kinds of quizzes and educational games also work brilliantly. Special sensory masses, puzzles, rhyming books and books, for example, are recommended for this purpose. It is also worth introducing listening and music games or puns. Haba education offers toys and accessories that introduce children to a world of learning and experience. You will also find equipment for nurseries, schools and kindergartens, such as manipulative boards and sensory walls. You can also install them at home if you have enough space.

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