Fun games for cooling off. Do you know them all?
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Fun games for cooling off. Do you know them all?

The heat pouring down from the sky can effectively make your desired outdoor recreation miserable. The heat wave, which we will certainly have to deal with this summer, will force us to look for proven ways to cool down.

Water games as a way to cool off

Every child loves to play in the backyard. During the hottest days of July or August, however, this can be severely hampered. No wonder – the scorching heat can be dangerous for the human body, so it is worth remembering to hydrate and frequently cool down the body. Ingenious parents can organize a number of interesting water games, using the existing infrastructure in the garden

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Here are the best games for cooling down, which will bring a lot of fun to all participants.

  • One interesting idea is to prepare plastic bottles with ice-cold water. After cutting or burning small holes in the sides of the container with a hot screwdriver, fill it with cold water and screw the cap on. The bottle can be hung or glued with strong tape on the elements of the slide, on the wall or given to a child. The pouring stream of cold water will be a great joy, providing effective cooling.
  • Duck, Duck, Splash is a great cool down game for the youngest. It is popular in Western Europe and in the United States. To set it up, we need several participants to take seats in a circle, sitting on the lawn. One person walks around the seated people and starts a counting out. Passing a seated person, the person circulating touches the individuals, shouting “duck!” It is up to the walking person at what point he or she empties the contents of the cup onto the head of one of the participants. If this happens, the person being doused gets up and starts chasing the douser. If the person being chased manages to take the place of the person being chased on the ground, the other person starts the game over again with a full cup of cool water.
  • Another game for children is Fill the Bucket. It requires four buckets and two sponges. Two buckets are filled with cold water and each participant has to fill his bucket, placed on the opposite side, with a sponge, wetting it in the first bucket and transferring its contents to the second bucket. More buckets can of course be used, depending on the number of players. The winner is the one who first fills the empty bucket with the sponge.

Fun not only for children. Cool down for adults too!

The youngest will be very excited to know that there are new water games waiting for them, organized for the purpose of effective cooling down. This is a fun activity that will keep children safely entertained for hours, even during a hot day. However, this does not mean that adults cannot take part in funny water games, organized in the backyard, garden, or recreational plot. What if we combine business with pleasure, and these methods will serve us not only as effective techniques for cooling off, but also as a way to have fun with children? It can be a lot of fun!

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A beach ball, a piece of ribbon and a garden hose. These three items can guarantee a lot of fun for parents and children. The fun is to draw a finish line and place two beach balls in starting positions. Using a stream of water, the team will have to roll the ball over the end ribbon. The team that does it faster wins. This game can be modified slightly and the two teams can be placed on opposite sides of the lawn. In this case, it will be a kind of water tug-of-war, involving rolling the ball behind one of the designated borders, closer to the opponent.

Water Limbo is another fun activity that adults can also enjoy! The game involves setting up a garden hose that will release a stream of water horizontally. It has to be secured in such a way that its position can be modified at any time. The water bar will have to be crossed by the participants, and the one who stays dry the longest will win.

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