When can a child stop napping during the day?
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When can a child stop napping during the day?

“When should a child give up daytime naps?” – this is the question many parents of toddlers ask themselves. The moment of comfort nap is often the only moment when they can catch their breath

When does the child give up his nap?

There is no upper age limit at which a toddler must give up his midday nap. The length of the nap is an individual matter – one child needs more and another less sleep. It is assumed that children up to the age of one year need one long 3-hour nap or two shorter naps. Between the ages of one and two, a child sleeps only once during the day.

Is a nap needed for a two- and three-year-old?

Children aged two and three generally need one, but a decent nap during the day – lasting up to about 3 hours. Parents often think that if the child is not tired and wants to play, it will fall asleep faster in the evening – nothing more misleading. Very often it is the opposite, the toddler is too tired to fall asleep.

Every parent should know that a person at this age is exploring the world very intensively, so a nap during the day allows him to regenerate.

Is a nap necessary for a 4- and 5-year-old?

Many parents mistakenly believe that four- and five-year-olds no longer need a midday nap. Four-year-olds sleep or lie down at daycare. Midday rest is very important for your child to recuperate. Naturally, toddlers at this age need much less sleep than two- and three-year-olds.

If your five-year-old child needs sleep during the day, allow it. A nap at this age should not exceed two hours. Otherwise, your child will have trouble falling asleep in the evening.

Is a nap necessary for a school-age child?

A child who has started school may be so tired after coming from school that they need to lie down. If this is the case, it is a good idea to let him take a short rest. This will give him the strength to learn as well as to play.

What are the signs that my child does not need a nap?

When a child does not need a midday nap anymore, it sends clear signals to its parents, which are usually

  • good mood and lack of any signs of tiredness,
  • reluctance to take a nap,
  • the child is tired in the late afternoon – around 4 pm,
  • the child falls asleep late and reluctantly – around 10 p.m,
  • the child’s nightly sleep lasts less than 10 hours.

Does the child give up his/her nap on his/her own?

Every child is different. Some consistently refuse daytime naps or reduce the duration of naps. Other children need to be helped to give up their afternoon nap because they are used to it. If your toddler is showing all the signs of giving up naps but still demands them, it’s a good idea to change your child’s schedule so they don’t feel the lack of naps.

What to do when your baby needs a nap but doesn’t want to sleep?

If you see that your child is very tired, but still doesn’t want to go for a nap, it is a good idea in this situation:

  • follow a daily schedule so that your child knows and is aware of the rituals;
  • spend time actively with your child during the day;
  • keep to specific meal times and bedtimes. Your child needs to calm down before bedtime;
  • don’t wait for your child to fall asleep;
  • don’t force your baby; sometimes it’s enough to offer to let him lie down and at that time he will fall asleep by himself.

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