Is your child wetting at night? Find out how to prevent it!
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Is your child wetting at night? Find out how to prevent it!

Are your child’s sheets and bedding wet again at night or in the morning? Wetting is a common problem. See how to deal with it.

Many parents are worried when their children start wetting at night. Contrary to what you might think, this problem affects many families. However, it is worth knowing why it happens and how to deal with it. Certainly the matter cannot be trivialized.

Why does the child wet itself at night?

Even several decades ago it was believed that the night-time wetting of a child is connected with some emotional problems. This myth is still functioning today. Many people think that the child peed because he or she was afraid of something or had an exciting day. Current research, however, rules out the possibility that the child’s psyche is related to wetting during sleep

In this case the reason is different, e.g. too much urine is produced at night or the bladder capacity is too small. When the child is asleep, he does not feel that he wants to pee and thus leakage occurs. Also, it does not yet have a mature urinary system. It is estimated that a person reaches the ability to control urination by the end of the fifth year of life

If an older toddler continues to urinate at night, the reason is probably a disease. It is worth knowing that up to 5% to 10% of seven-year-olds wet at night, so the problem is quite large. Do not ignore if such “slip-ups” happen to a toddler who is more than 5 years old – you should as soon as possible go to a specialist who will determine what is the cause.

Check if the child does not have urinary tract inflammation

If your child starts wetting at night, the cause may be an infection. Then there is a sudden urge to urinate. The offspring may also complain to the parents about burning of the urethra, pain in the lower abdomen or kidney area. To determine whether we are dealing with inflammation, it is necessary to perform a urine test. Then a doctor’s prescription of appropriate medication should help.

Remember to use the toilet before bedtime

Before you put your child to bed, you should always encourage him to use the toilet. It’s also best not to give your baby too much to drink before bedtime, as he or she may want to pee during the night. It’s also better if the dinner isn’t liquid. Thanks to this, there should be no overfilling of the bladder and there is a chance that the child will sleep peacefully without any “wet” accidents.

It should be remembered, however, that we limit the intake of liquids before bedtime, but we must take care of their appropriate amount during the day. Especially about drinking water. It is also worth knowing that children during the day are busy playing, absorbed in exploring the world and often forget to drink. Then they get thirsty in the evening and drink too much before going to bed

This is why parents should remind their offspring to drink during the day. It is also worth teaching your offspring to use the toilet regularly, so that there are no situations when a toddler withholds urine

Introduce a diary

When the problem of bedwetting arises, the parent should keep a diary in which he or she records how much fluid the child takes in during the day, at what times, when he or she uses the toilet and how many so-called wet nights there are. Such information will certainly come in handy later during a possible medical consultation. It will be easier for the specialist to find the cause of the problem

Do not shout or get angry

If a child wets the night, he or she is often ashamed of it. You should never shout at him for this reason, or embarrass him. Talk calmly, hug him and make sure that there are no painful symptoms, which could indicate a possible infection. Then you should immediately go to the doctor. It is worth remembering that the child very much needs parental support.

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