Nausea during pregnancy – check how to deal with it?
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Nausea during pregnancy – check how to deal with it?

Pregnancy is a time of many changes that occur in the female body. Some women tolerate it better others worse. The most common ailment is nausea. How to deal with them?

Nausea is often the first sign that a new creature is developing under our heart. Usually women struggle with them in the morning, but there are also those who feel bad and vomit throughout the day. It is known that expecting a baby, you cannot take most medications, and certainly not without consulting your doctor. However, there are safe ways to cope with bothersome nausea

How to prevent nausea?

Nausea most often appears in the first trimester and goes away over time. However, you can try to prevent them. It is a good idea to eat a slice of dry bread when you wake up, for example, before you get out of bed. You should also avoid getting up suddenly – in this case apart from vomiting you may also feel dizzy. You can not lead to a situation when a strong feeling of hunger appears – sugar fluctuations make nausea appear. It is worth giving up hard to digest and spicy foods. It is better to adopt the principle of eating more often but less. If you do not feel well during pregnancy, it is also worth giving up coffee and juices – it is better to replace them with water or tea

Ginger for nausea and vomiting

One of the most effective methods to combat pregnancy nausea is to drink an infusion or tea with ginger. The oils contained in it – shogaol and gingerol effectively inhibit vomiting. In addition, ginger improves digestion and stimulates the secretion of gastric juice and saliva. Ginger can be added to tea or poured into hot water and squeezed lemon. Such an infusion is also great for colds – it warms and soothes a sore throat. In pharmacies or herbal stores you can also find ginger tablets, which you can always have with you

Rest is essential

A pregnant woman is very weak. No wonder, there are a lot of changes taking place in her body. That is why every additional exertion may lead to vomiting and, what is worse, fainting. It is therefore worth getting as much rest as possible. When you feel that you are getting sick, you should sit down or lie down for a while

Aromatherapy can help

In case of pregnancy nausea it is also worth using aromatherapy. Well, some scents can improve our mood. Such aromatherapy can be done by using the following oils: mint, lavender, pine or eucalyptus. How to do aromatherapy? You can use popular fireplaces with a candle – then the chosen scent spreads throughout the apartment. Another method is to sprinkle the collar of a blouse or handkerchief. Some websites even offer special oil sticks just for ladies expecting a baby

Pineapple – reach for it in the morning

Pineapple can also help in the fight against nausea. You should eat a piece of fresh fruit in the morning, or squeeze juice from it. The best will be chilled, straight from the refrigerator. Even if pineapple can not cope with nausea, it will provide the body of a woman a lot of vitamins and minerals, and in the blessed state is particularly important

You should also be aware that circulating in the network information that pineapple contributes to miscarriages, are completely false – just ask your doctor or nutritionist

When to see a doctor?

If home remedies don’t help and the pregnant woman returns practically everything she eats or drinks, you should see a doctor. It may be necessary to take appropriate treatment (which will prevent, among other things, dehydration) and, as a last resort, even hospitalization.

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