What effects does a cesarean section have on the baby?
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What effects does a cesarean section have on the baby?

Termination of pregnancy by cesarean section has many negative psychosomatic effects on the baby. The popular “cesarean” is a medical procedure performed when the life of the mother or child is in danger. Unfortunately, a cesarean section has a negative impact on the development of the baby.

Psychosomatic risks of cesarean delivery

The difference between a newborn born by caesarean section and a natural birth can be seen immediately after birth. The difference is noticeable, for example, in the heart and lungs. Newborns born by CC have lower blood glucose levels and a lower body temperature, which persists until about 1.5 hours after birth

Change in the baby’s DNA

In 2009, Swedish researchers conducted a study in which it was proven that CC affects the chemical modification of a newborn’s DNA. This change contributes to the baby’s higher incidence of autoimmune diseases such as asthma and diabetes, among others. The cause of the change in the DNA code is excessive stress, which releases a huge dose of adrenaline – this stimulates the body and nervous system to prepare as best as possible for life outside the womb.

Respiratory system disorders

Newborns born by CC very often do not have proper respiratory adaptation in the first minute of life. It happens that even 2 hours after birth they have a smaller respiratory volume than children born the natural way. This situation is caused by the lack of removal of amniotic fluid from the lungs, therefore newborns born by CC require resuscitation. Some newborns develop severe respiratory distress that requires treatment in an intensive care unit.

Incidence of asthma

There is now an increasing incidence of asthma among adults and children. Research carried out by Finnish doctors has shown that the manner of birth has a very strong influence on the occurrence of allergies and asthma at a later stage. Studies have shown that children born by CC have a 40% higher risk of developing asthma at age 7.

Gastrointestinal disorders

A child born by CC is deprived of “beneficial maternal bacteria”, which already from the moment of birth have a very important function, among others: they protect against pathogenic bacteria and support the newborn’s immune system.

Food allergies

Studies by American scientists confirm that the form of birth has a significant impact on the occurrence of food allergies. According to this theory, a high probability of food allergies is caused by low contact with bacteria during birth.

Problems with obesity

Studies conducted by American and Chinese scientists have shown that in children born by caesarean section the incidence of obesity in childhood increases by 32%, in the teenage years by 24%, and in adulthood by as much as 50%. The studies conducted have in no way shown what factor during childbirth increases the risk of obesity.


Recent studies indicate that babies born by CC are more likely to have tooth decay because the newborn does not acquire natural immunity during birth. The mouth of such a child is colonized by streptococci much faster. This theory was confirmed by researchers from the Medical University of Lodz.

Every year the percentage of children born by caesarean section is increasing. Medical research shows that the form of delivery affects the further development of the child.

Main photo: Solen Feyissa, source: unsplash.com

This article is based on the scientific work entitled “Influence of cesarean section on child psychomotor development” by Joanna Moćkun and Jolanta Olszewska.

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