The birth of a child, what you can take care of and do not think of
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The birth of a child, what you can take care of and do not think of

The birth of a child is a long awaited and very important event for the whole family. The appearance of a new family member turns everything upside down. That is why it is so important to prepare for this event. It is worth knowing what action to take beforehand to make the care of the newborn functional, safe and comfortable

Preparing the room for the baby

A very important issue, which needs to be taken care of before the baby is born, is his room, or a place in the parents’ bedroom, which will be intended for him. You should decide to buy a perfect crib, which will have adjustable height, as well as rungs that can be removed after some time, so that the child can get out of it independently. You also need to choose a mattress for the crib that will fit the dimensions well, as well as comfortable and healthy for the baby

Mattresses sold with cribs are not always a good choice. You should also buy appropriate bedding for the crib – a sleeping bag will be a good choice for newborns. It is also worth noting that newborns do not need pillows

The choice of furniture depends on the size of the room where the child will live. A functional solution may be a chest of drawers where clothes and nursing accessories can be put. A practical addition is also a changing table, which you can get in various forms

Furniture often overlooked, whose presence, however, is very important is a comfortable armchair, which should be located next to the crib. This is especially important when the baby will be breastfed – mother and child should have comfortable conditions for this. The armchair will also come in handy when putting the baby to sleep


While waiting for the birth of the baby, it is also worth thinking about less practical, but equally important things, such as souvenirs. Welcoming a new member of the family is a very important and solemn event, so it is certainly worth documenting it in an appropriate way. A good solution may be a book, in which you write down all the most important developmental facts about the child, and also paste pictures. It is also worth using quotes about children to make your entries more attractive. Years later, this will certainly be a beautiful keepsake

An interesting option are special frames for ultrasound photos, as well as plaques with the baby’s name, thanks to which you can prepare a perfect corner for your little one

Cosmetics and medicines

Proper care of the baby is very important. Newborn’s skin is very delicate and thin, and prone to irritation. Therefore, it requires special care. The body should be washed with soap that is adapted to the age of the child. The scalp should be cared for with a mild shampoo. It is therefore worth getting the right products for washing and care. Oily creams and ointments, with which the perineal area should be lubricated after each change, will also come in handy. Among the cosmetics intended for the toddler, baby oil is also certainly useful

When it comes to medicines, even before the birth of the baby, it is worth getting spirit, with which you will need to wash the area around the navel, as well as sterile gauze pads. You may also find it useful to use saline to wash your eyes

It is also a good idea to buy a thermometer especially for your baby. There are many different models available on the market. In the first aid kit you should also have painkillers and antipyretics, which can be taken from the first days of life. For a newborn you will also need to buy a baby carriage and a suitable car seat. It is worth to think over the choice in order to ensure the safety and comfort of the child during all trips and excursions.

Preparing the house for the birth of a new family member is a very important task. Parents-to-be should take care of completing the right layette throughout the whole pregnancy so that after the birth they can focus on taking care of their child, giving it proper attention and comfort.

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