Effective methods for getting your baby to sleep
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Effective methods for getting your baby to sleep

Sleep for a tiny newborn is actually the most important. It is thanks to its appropriate amount that the child’s development proceeds properly and without health complications. However, despite the general image of a constantly sleeping newborn, it happens that as a new parent you have problems with putting your baby to sleep. It turns out that this seemingly easy activity becomes troublesome. The baby cries and you get frustrated by general tiredness. However, there is a lifesaver in the form of various methods for getting your baby to sleep – developed not only by experts, but also by experienced parents.

Methods developed by experts


This is the most popular method developed by American pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp and is effective only during the first three months of a baby’s life. The main goal of the 5S method is to create conditions similar to those in the mother’s belly. The name comes from the 5 words that describe it, all starting with the letter S; swaddling, slide/stomach position, shushing, swinging, and sucking

In the beginning, swaddling is the first word. It is with this activity that you must begin the 5S method. To do this, wrap your baby tightly and warmly, but in such a way that she can move. For this it is best to use an elastic bundle or a tetanus diaper. The next step is to stabilize the position, which you can do by carrying the wrapped baby in your arms, but in a comfortable position. On your side or on your tummy. The third step is humming, which you can do by using a hair dryer, a vacuum cleaner, a badly tuned radio, or a special teddy bear with a humming sound. Rocking is the fourth buzzword on the list. Just start rocking your baby gently while holding him in your arms. If after these steps your baby still hasn’t fallen asleep, you still have the last way of the 5S method, which is sucking. You need to give your baby a breast, pacifier, or anything that he can take into his mouth and suck on

The Ferber Method

Richard Ferber is the author of this method. This is a simple method, but it requires patience and time. First, put your baby to bed, but when he or she is still awake but tired and very sleepy. Then you need to leave the room. The most likely scenario will be the baby crying, but you must not soothe him right away. Wait for 5 minutes and then enter the room, but calm your little one without taking him in your arms. Stay with him for about 3 more minutes and then leave. When the baby starts crying again, this time wait 10 minutes and repeat the calming without taking him out of the crib. If the baby calms down, leave the room. The crying situation will most likely happen again, so this time wait 15 minutes and repeat the steps. If the baby can’t calm down, repeat these steps, increasing the time you wait until the baby falls asleep. Use the Ferber method every day, increasing the initial time by 5 minutes. With patience and persistence, this method will work and your baby will learn to fall asleep on his own

In complete contrast, there is the term ” closeness parenting“, a term introduced by American pediatrician Dr. William Sears. As the name says, this is all about the closeness of the parent to the child. According to Dr. Sears, you need to sleep together with your baby. This way, he will feel your warmth and security, and your bond will grow strongly

There is a compromise for these two extreme methods in the form of the idea of English nurse and midwife Tracy Hogg, who, based on years of experience, noted that a good way is to put the baby to sleep without too much interference. It consists in the fact that you need to put the baby to sleep once, carrying him in your arms, and once leaving him in the crib, but so that he feels your presence

Parents’ methods

The most common method used by parents is to put the baby to sleep at the mother’s breast. But in this case, you must be aware that your breast may turn into a pacifier and, as a result, you will not be able to sleep peacefully

Other ways are simply to build a relationship and closeness with your baby so that he feels safe. Wrap your baby up, stroke, cuddle, hold a hand or even a leg. Touch is incredibly important

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