Can you drink coffee while breastfeeding?
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Can you drink coffee while breastfeeding?

Most people cannot imagine a day without at least one cup or mug of coffee. Pregnant and breastfeeding women often wonder whether they can afford it and whether it will harm the baby.

Drinking coffee while breastfeeding often causes a lot of emotion and controversy. The older generation often reacts badly when they see a young mom enjoying her favorite hot beverage. Mothers and grandmothers repeatedly complain that this will make it impossible for the child to sleep later and may make them feel worse. The younger generation, on the other hand, considers this information to be made up. However, it happens quite often that a woman, who wants the best for her baby, gives up coffee in order not to risk it. Is it really necessary? What is the truth about it?

Too much caffeine can harm the baby

The fact is that drinking too many caffeinated beverages, so not only coffee, but also coca-cola, dietary supplements, energy drinks, etc., is not good for an adult, let alone a baby. The safe dose of caffeine for a toddler is considered 300 g, a cup of coffee contains about 130 g. Therefore, a breastfeeding woman can safely allow herself to drink two such cups without worrying about her offspring

Of course, before drinking coffee, you should watch your baby. The same as in the case of eating or drinking other products. It may happen that the baby will react badly to it, then there will appear, for example, pain, hypersensitivity to received foods. In this case it is better to resign from your favorite drink and bet on decaffeinated coffee, which is currently so popular that you can find it in every larger store

Excess caffeine can contribute to difficulty sleeping, hyperactivity, accelerated heart rate. If the mother notices any of these symptoms – she should immediately give up drinking coffee and consuming products that contain caffeine

Does coffee affect lactation?

You may hear or read somewhere that you should not drink coffee while breastfeeding because it has a negative effect on lactation. This is not true. Drinking coffee may cause a breastfeeding woman to consume less other beverages (mainly water), and it is proper hydration of the body that affects the amount of milk produced. Coffee has nothing to do with this

In case of lactation problems, the most important thing is to drink plenty of water, you can also help yourself with special teas available in pharmacies, as they contain barley malt

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