Pregnancy photo shoot ideas!
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Pregnancy photo shoot ideas!

Nowadays, many pregnant women want to immortalize these special moments before the baby arrives in the world. There are plenty of ideas for photo shoots!

Photo shoots are a real hit. Thanks to this everyone can become a model and have beautiful photos to put in the family album or hang on the wall. Photographs also allow us to remember some important moments, such as pregnancy. That is why “tummy” sessions are very popular. And there are many ideas for them and they do not have to be boring at all!

1. Elegant black and white

Very fashionable recently, especially among celebrities, are belly sessions in shades of black and white. The pregnant woman is usually wearing an ethereal gown of black tulle (or a piece of fabric), which is moved as if she were in motion (a fan or a third person is used to wiggle the fabric while out of frame). Usually in this session all accessories are avoided – the most important is the future mother and her belly. Such photos are very elegant, sexy and feminine. Many pregnant women later admit that the final effect raises their self-esteem a lot.

2. Family pregnancy session

A very cool option is also a family pregnancy session, that is mom, dad and e.g. siblings of the yet unborn baby. Such photos can be taken both in the studio and outdoors. The future mother can be dressed very loosely – as she likes, or she can wear a tight dress, emphasizing her belly. A beautiful and very popular shot is when family members hug or kiss the sizeable belly.

3. Romantic outdoor session

A session in a field with crops, poppies, in a meadow, in a forest – there are plenty of ideas for outdoor photos. Beautiful photographs come out at sunrise or sunset. Then the mother-to-be, dressed in a light, belly-enhancing dress, looks fantastic in the sunshine and surrounded by nature!

Sessions can also be tailored to the season – the beautiful outdoors is undoubtedly in winter. Then the mother-to-be can wear a white fur coat in addition to a long dress

4. Natural session

Not all women like posed photos. Some definitely feel better being “at ease”. These sessions are usually much more fun and less tiring (at least for the posers). The mother-to-be can, together with her partner and children, if any, make a snowman, throw snowballs, toss leaves into the air, pick flowers in the meadow or (if we opt for a session at home) play board games or cook. Such photos will be a great way to immortalize how the whole family likes to spend time together

5. Hobby session

Many pregnant women have their own hobbies. An interesting option is a session related to what you like to do in your free time. If the future mom is a lover of horses, dogs or other animals, you can take photos of her surrounded by them.

Of course, everything should be organized in such a way that it is safe – for example, horse riding should definitely be abandoned. Perhaps the woman loves knitting, sports or belongs to some hobby club. Then it is worth immortalizing her passions during the session

6. A session with a painted belly? Why not!

Women with a great sense of humor can bet on a session with a painted belly. Nowadays many people offer such services. Drawings are made with paints that are safe for the skin and the baby. And they can depict anything – even an unborn baby. It is often painted, for example, a stork carrying a baby bundle.

Another idea is to paint a big bow, so that the belly resembles a gift – this is to symbolize the fact that the birth of a child is the most beautiful and unique gift for parents.

If we do not have an idea for a photo session – it is worth consulting a photographer. The specialist, after talking with us and presenting his portfolio, will certainly adjust to us the theme of the photos, which will be an exceptional souvenir for life.

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