Store brawl – how to respond to a child crying and screaming in a public place?
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Store brawl – how to respond to a child crying and screaming in a public place?

A crying baby in a store, or even worse, one that lies on the floor and screams out loud? Everyone has seen such an image, which is a parent’s nightmare. What to do if our toddler behaves similarly?

Children often make disturbances in public places. They don’t want to come back from the playground, or they expect their parents to buy them another toy or candy in the store. There are many reasons for screaming and crying. Such situations can be very embarrassing for both the parents and the environment. How to behave then?

Parent! Stay calm

When the child lies down on the ground, starts hitting his hands and feet, screaming and crying, it is important to stay calm. Our toddler is filled with emotions that he often can’t handle, and our anger certainly won’t allow him to calm down.

It is unacceptable when a parent yells at the child or blackmails him! It is important to speak calmly to your child, show her support and understanding of the situation. It is also very important not to give in and, for example, buy the child a certain thing to keep it quiet – this is a serious mistake. Then the toddler will have the conviction that the initiation of such quarrels will always have the desired effect

Get your child out of the sight of others

People who witness a child brawl are also often unable to behave. Especially the older generation, who many times allow themselves in such situations to make not very pleasant comments and instructions.

Therefore, try to gently but firmly pick up the toddler and move him to the side, without pulling him by force. There you should take him on your lap, try to help him calm down. Squatting down, making eye contact and hugging may also help. Speak in a gentle tone, and when the child calms down a bit, try to explain why we didn’t fulfill his request

Don’t take a tired child shopping

Tiredness promotes frustration. If on that day the child is unusually grouchy, did not sleep during a nap in kindergarten or slept too short – it is better to resign from joint shopping. The child may not only want to buy a lot of sweets, but it may also not like the light, sounds and crowds of strangers. On top of that he or she may simply be bored and feel tired.

Try to prevent brawls in the stores

There is no denying that hypermarkets tempt children with countless products. So it’s no wonder that a toddler wants to have everything and when he doesn’t get it, he gets angry. Therefore, if you take your child shopping, it’s worth agreeing that you buy one toy, wafer, crisps, etc. Then it will be much easier for your child. Then it will be much easier for the child.

Experts always advise that if you do not plan to buy anything for the toddler, it is better not to take him to stores with toys or sweets, because it may end up with crying and screaming

Shopping strategies that can help

It is important for the parent to follow shopping strategies. Even if the toddler will still cry, he or she will learn the rules over time, and shopping will not be associated with fussing and screaming. Above all, the parent must be consistent – if he or she has said “no”, they shouldn’t give in just because the child is crying. Then it is worth repeating in your mind that we are doing it for the good of the child.

It is crucial not to get angry, it is better to tell the child “I understand you, I know how you feel, I get angry sometimes too”. It is definitely not allowed to show any aggression, and it is better to let strangers’ remarks pass unnoticed. When the child calms down – it is always worth talking to him and trying to explain why we can not give in to all his desires

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