Is it time to give birth? How do you know it’s time to go to the hospital?
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Is it time to give birth? How do you know it’s time to go to the hospital?

To wait for regular contractions or not, the fetal waters must leave, what about other symptoms? We checked when labor begins and at what point you should go to the hospital.

During the entire pregnancy future mothers prepare themselves to welcome a new member of the family. They complete the layette, the corner or the room for the little one, they try to make sure that everything is ready one hundred percent. Of course, during this time they are also accompanied by worries about whether they will be able to cope with the care, feeding, bathing and many other matters, which is completely normal.

The upcoming birth is also stressful. No fooling, it will hurt, but many women agree that it is quickly forgotten. The date of delivery is calculated on the basis of the date of your last menstrual period. However, it is worth taking this into account – the baby can be born both two weeks before the set date and two weeks after it.

We have prepared some tips on when it is time to go to the hospital. Remember that you should not do it too early, because in the emergency room they may send you back home.

For instance, irregular, weak contractions do not herald the onset of labour (they may appear from the middle of pregnancy). The same is true of meconium, which is a gelatinous discharge (sometimes with a touch of blood) behind the underwear. It suggests the onset of labor, but it may take even a few more days. So which symptoms to look out for? We explain!

Regular contractions

We have already mentioned contractions and the ones in labour are above all regular. If they occur every 5-7 minutes (or more often) and last longer than 30 seconds, it is definitely time to go to the hospital. In addition, they may intensify when changing positions. You need to hurry even more when you start to feel the need to push.

Regular painful contractions may be accompanied by hot flashes, diarrhoea, vomiting (to purge the body) and persistent pain in the back and strong, even frequently changing emotions – extreme emotions like excitement or anxiety.

Importantly, the contractions may become more frequent and stronger, but the bladder will remain intact. If it does not burst on its own, it will be punctured in the delivery room.

Leaving the amniotic fluid

Almost everyone associates childbirth with the water breaking. If the waters were not greenish, bloody and smelled bad, it is good to take a bath first and only then calmly go to the hospital. Otherwise, of course, go to the hospital immediately. Likewise, if the discharge is accompanied by strong cramps.

If you notice any oozing of amniotic fluid, do not delay a visit to the hospital.

Alarming situations

The aforementioned amniotic fluid of a strange color or smell, blood coming out of the genital tract, strong, unremitting pain in the lower abdomen, abnormal movements of the baby (poorly felt or even too vigorous) – these are all signals that our body sends out in fear that something wrong may be happening. They cannot be ignored and it is better to go to hospital immediately. It is also worth listening to your intuition.

Additionally, it is important to listen to the advice of midwives and doctors who will guide you through the birth as best as possible. Most importantly, childbirth is inevitable, but it is only a step towards meeting the awaited baby.

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