Accessories useful in everyday baby care
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Accessories useful in everyday baby care

Before the baby comes into the world, we try to make sure that the house is stocked with all the necessary items needed for proper care and nursing. Sometimes, however, we forget about small things or devices, or we buy equipment that is not suitable for the age of the toddler.

Baby Carrier

A soft baby carrier is a good idea to soothe your baby and keep her close, especially during the so-called fourth trimester. The baby can hear the mother’s heartbeat, her voice and breathing, so it is familiar with the sounds of the womb. Additionally, it enables carrying a baby in a “physiological frog” position, which ensures proper development of hip joints, spine and pelvis.

Breast pump

Manual breast pumps are convenient for breastfeeding or pumping. You can store milk in your purse or diaper bag. With a manual breast pump, you can express milk from one breast while you feed the other. It is a handy device and does not make much noise when in use.

Milk collector

With the use of a collector you will collect the food from the spontaneous outflow. The phenomenon occurs at the beginning of feeding, and it manifests itself in the fact that while feeding the baby with the left breast, milk flows abundantly from the other breast and vice versa. The device is easy to use and clean. The collector just needs to be put on – you do not need to hold it while using it.

Loungers, swings, rockers

A lounger is a place where your baby can play and relax while you are busy. It can also soothe your toddler and allow him to sleep peacefully. The rocker is also quite handy and easy to transport, and in addition, it does not take up much space, so you can put it practically anywhere in the house to watch the baby. It is worth adding that even newborn babies can use the equipment.

Manicure set

The set, of course, in the version for babies. Most often it is equipped with scissors, clippers and a file. If the nails of newborns do not break off on their own, the manicure set will be a good idea when you want to take care of the length of your kids’ nails. The whole set comes in a case, so storing and transporting them will not be difficult.

Sanitary bowl

The latest fashion trend that will come in handy while bathing your baby. The bowl is divided into three chambers. Two are for clean water and water with soap, and the third, the smallest, is used to hold soap. The bowls are also equipped with a dispenser where you can pour liquid, intended for babies.

An extra bed

An add-on crib is a little smaller than a traditional crib. One of its sides is lowered so that you can take your child closer to you when needed without having to get up, for example to feed the little one. The extensions are adjustable so you can adapt them to the height of your bed


There are different types of soothers on the market, such as latex soothers, silicone soothers and rubber soothers. In addition, there are different sizes and shapes, such as round, symmetrical and anatomical. Pacifiers can prevent malocclusion, mispronunciation or the occurrence of tooth decay when the child grows up. When choosing a pacifier, pay attention to the markings and symbols on the package. This may be labeled by size: A (under 6 months), B (6-18 months) and C (over 18 months); pacifiers are labeled with numbers, i.e. 0 (for newborns), 1 (over 6 months), 2 (6-18 months), 3 (18-36 months).

Bottle warmer

On the market there are electric bottle warmers and those that can be connected in the car. An appropriate amount of water is poured into the device, which is heated to the desired temperature. Into the chamber with heated water you put a bottle, the content of which is also heated. It’s a practical piece of equipment that allows you to serve your baby food at the right temperature without having to constantly check and cool it.

The store with baby accessories will allow you to buy all the necessary and useful products, thanks to which taking care of a baby will be easier and safer. Browsing through the catalogs of online stores additionally, you are sure to catch the eye of some product that will find use in your home.

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