First birthday at home – how to organize a successful party?
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First birthday at home – how to organize a successful party?

A child’s anniversary is a very important event in the life of the whole family. How to prepare a party to make it unforgettable?

Many parents pay a lot of attention to the party on the occasion of their offspring’s first birthday. Some decide to hire some hall that organizes the party, although you can successfully prepare it yourself. How to do it?

Plan the theme of the party

Nowadays, themed parties are very fashionable, especially when it comes to children’s birthday parties. This can be, for example, a fun zoo, where all the decorations refer to animals. It is also quite popular to refer to some fairy tales for children or a favorite color. There are plenty of possibilities, but it is worth thinking about the theme of the party even a few weeks before the planned date of the event. The idea is to be able to prepare everything properly. 

Take care of the decorations

Decorations are the foundation of a birthday party. You can rent or make your own, for example, balloon walls with information about who is turning one year old. They can be made whole of different sized balloons or combined with fabric and streamers. Balloons are, of course, a basic decoration that cannot be missing at a kinderparty. A large single helium balloon will be perfect for photos. For this, the basis are inscriptions such as “Susie’s Birthday”, “Susie’s Birthday” or “Happy Birthday”. 

Among the decorations, there should also be plates, cups and napkins – everything should be in the same style. It’s also worth matching cupcake toppers, for example. 

The menu is very important

As you know, a baby who is turning one year old is unlikely to eat too much during a birthday party, but her guests will. It’s worth thinking about whether you want to make the party sweet, or whether a traditional dinner should also appear on the table. In this case you should take into account the preferences of your guests, perhaps someone does not eat meat (if you serve dinner) or is allergic to dairy products, for example. In such a case the whole menu should not be adjusted to the needs of such a person, but it should be ensured that such a guest also has something to eat. 

The key is, of course, the cake. It, too, must match the theme. You can order a ready-made cake from a pastry shop or prepare it yourself. Nowadays, ready-made wafers for the top of the cake with birthday inscriptions or favorite fairy tale characters are available in confectionery stores. 

It is worth thinking about attractions

A birthday party should be focused primarily on having fun. Therefore, you should take care of attractions for the birthday boy and guests. This is especially important if there are other, older children at the party. A good idea is to hire a professional entertainer, who will make sure that no one is bored. You can also prepare the games yourself, there are plenty of suggestions on the Internet that will work well in a home environment. 

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