Learn about the steps of on-site SEO
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Learn about the steps of on-site SEO

On-site SEO consists of many individual steps that are designed to meet all the guidelines imposed by Google’s search engine algorithm. When we guarantee the website a set of actions that are important for positioning, then we can talk about SEO for big commerce. SEO in itself is something that you should make a priority of your online business. In further perspective, we can talk about ecommerce UX audit and other activities that will gradually develop your business. It is worth getting acquainted with the offer of Minneapolis SEO agency, which is the offer of a team of people with a surprisingly high level of professionalism. 

On-site SEO consists of many individual steps that are designed to meet all the guidelines imposed by Google’s search engine algorithm. In this way, you can significantly increase the popularity of your site compared to others and get better financial results with relatively little investment. During SEO for big commerce audits many specialized activities are performed, all of which have a huge impact on the final result and its sustainability. In this article, you will learn what SEO for big commerce is and what its activities are, among other things. In the near future, we will also explain what ecommerce UX audit is all about, so feel free to stay tuned! 

Optimizing a website for speed

The first activity performed by the Minneapolis SEO agency, right after the audit, is to optimize the website and its source code. Most websites without proper SEO facilities rarely meet Google’s strict guidelines, so a number of modifications need to be made to their performance. It is very important to remove unnecessary plugins and add-ons and reduce the impact of the theme on its speed. It is also important to change the header hierarchy and many, many other steps.

Planning your keyword strategy

The keywords should be perfectly aligned with the chosen website and also the specific subpage. This is for most positioners the most important stage of positioning, but also the most difficult – keyword strategy has a direct impact on the effectiveness of all subsequent stages. The keyword, for example positioning Warsaw, should be exactly matched to the website itself. It is a mistake to place phrases chosen only to get the highest number of hits on the page. Google algorithm can easily check it after analyzing the bounce rate.

SEO audit – a must for every positioner

Equally important for positioning is to conduct an SEO audit, which is free of charge from Minneapolis SEO agency and thanks to which every positioner can easily learn about the current state of the website, plan further actions and strategy in the long and short term. As a rule, this process is carried out at the very beginning, sometimes even before signing the contract, because only in this way the interactive agency can know the scope of work to be done, the amount of investment and many other factors https://www.icea-group.com/minneapolis-seo/.

Adapt UX and UI to the purpose

Every website is meant not only to attract a potential customer, but also to make them stay there for a longer time. This is served by ecommerce UX audit and UI, or User Experience and User Interface, among other things. These two tasks are closely correlated and combine into one coherent whole. They involve changing the visual part of the site and adapting it to the requirements of a specific target, as well as improving the ease of navigation or the way of moving around the whole site.

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  • Damian Rey 25.07.2022

    When talking about SEO, we focus mainly on what is important from the search engine robots point of view. However, we mustn’t forget about the users. As you mentioned, user experience is very important, but not only. We should also focus on content. This is the way we communicate with our customers. Therefore, it is worthwhile to conduct an audit with the help of an SEO agency. Such activities will allow us to evaluate whether the content on our website is of a high quality, and how to improve it.

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