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Learning backlogs after the vacations – how to avoid them?

Is learning on vacation a good idea? Yes, if you want your child to enter the new school year without falling behind. But how do we play it so that the situation is not too aggravating, but has great results?

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Vacation is a time that children look forward to with longing. No wonder – after all, there will be an opportunity to relax from daily responsibilities. However, how to make sure that it does not involve a backlog of learning?

Vacation – the kids have been waiting for it!

There is no denying that the holiday season is something that students love. No one should be surprised, as many people dream of relaxation. Vacation is also a time when children, free from school duties, meet with friends, go on summer camps or with their parents, both in Poland and abroad. Rather, few children miss sitting in a school desk, or at least not right away. Perhaps in the second half of August, some students begin to tentatively think about wanting to return to school. Vacations are there to be enjoyed!

Falling behind in school can create problems

However, there is nothing worse in learning than a backlog, and these happen even during the school year. What about after two months of complete relaxation? In such a situation, it is inevitable that students will forget many things they learned during the school year. And that’s too bad, because they will need some of it before long. 

Learning during the vacations – does it make sense?

What to do about this problem? Does it make any sense to study during the vacations? The situation should be thoroughly considered. There are few chances for a student to sit down to his textbooks on his own in July or August. In some cases, however, it is worth thinking about working with a tutor. This makes sense in cases such as students preparing for Olympiads and subject competitions, but not only. Two months is plenty of time, which creates an opportunity for students with learning difficulties. If a child attends tutoring once a week, he won’t feel it as a special burden, and will have a chance to pull himself up in a particular subject.

It’s not about overloading yourself

When considering this topic, the main thing to remember is that it’s not about catapulting yourself through homework for days on end. If the topic of summer learning is approached wisely, the child will feel encouraged. Maybe summer will be a good opportunity to awaken scientific passions or learn about other ways of acquiring knowledge? A good tutor should be able to give advice! Learning during the summer is a way to enter the new school year without falling behind.

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