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How to take care of your child’s immunity after returning to school?

Are the return to school and the autumn weather filling you with anxiety about your child’s health? Check out how you can strengthen his body and take care of his immunity! Down with viruses and bacteria!

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Vacation is a carefree time, but it ends quickly. With the beginning of September, children return to school desks. In addition, autumn is approaching with great strides. Wondering how to strengthen your kid’s body so that they enjoy full health all year round? 

Back to school and getting sick – how do the two go together?

Whether your child goes to the first grade or perhaps the next, September will be a month of big changes. After summer vacation, spending hours outside, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, the time comes to sit in school desks with classmates. From there, it’s an easy path for the transmission of pathogenic microorganisms. 

Added to this is autumn – lower temperatures, rains, and with it the season of colds and flu. Children’s stress, fatigue or problems with concentration are also not insignificant. 

Ways to boost a child’s immunity

To boost your young student’s immunity, take care of:

  • long, uninterrupted sleep – during sleep the brain has a chance to regenerate, process the day’s events and rest. A sleepy child is cheerful, has better concentration and assimilates knowledge more easily. So if lessons start at 8 o’clock, don’t let him go to bed too late. We recommend that it be the same time every day;
  • physical activity outdoors – there is a lot of truth in the saying “movement is health”. We recommend the Scandinavian approach, according to which there is no bad weather, only bad clothes. So don’t give up walking when it gets gray, gloomy and dreary. Buy your child a good pair of wellingtons, a rain jacket with a hood and head out in search of chestnuts;
  • balanced meals – breakfast is a basic meal, so don’t let your child go to school with an empty stomach. Make sure breakfast is full and varied, rich in vitamins and healthy fats, as is dinner. Lunch, on the other hand, is provided by the school, which is really worth taking advantage of, as a warm meal between lessons will provide the right dose of energy and have a beneficial effect on brain function;
  • healthy snacks – in addition to the main meals, encourage your child to eat healthy snacks and drink plenty of water. Instead of giving money to buy something from the store, it is better to pack a lunch box in the backpack, and in it, for example, sliced vegetables, favorite fruits and a handful of nuts or almonds;
  • offset the stress felt by the child – stress and a flurry of responsibilities, a new situation can affect mental comfort, which in turn affects health and immunity. So talk to your child, explain to him the changes taking place, ease him into the post-holiday, school mode. This will make the child feel safer and better able to cope with the new everyday life;
  • hygiene – washing hands before eating or after using the toilet is an absolute must. Otherwise, germs can spread faster. Teach your toddler the rules of hygiene so that he or she observes them in every place, including at school.

It also won’t hurt to apply the tips of our grandmothers – eating garlic, pickles, honey, drinking raspberry juice, elderberry juice and lime tea. You might also consider introducing probiotics.

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